Lullacry - Where Angles FearMost people who just hear the name Lullacry will probably just shrug their shoulders, think “oh no, not another female fronted band” and put on the new Six Feet Under instead.

I can understand why people would react like that. After all, there seems to be thousands of female fronted metal bands out there nowadays and some of them are pretty horrible. Most of the ones out there seem to use the female member of the band as nothing more than a gimmick to get more exposure from a bunch of horny metalheads, meanwhile playing some of the most horrible poppy drivel known to man.

Now, obviously not every female fronted band is like that. In addition to the mundane there are also female fronted bands who play heavier music such as Arch Enemy, Landmine Marathon and Nebelhexe to name just a few. In my opinion, there are quite a few female fronted bands out there that are quite good and fortunately Lullacry is one of those bands who are quite good.

Apparently, the band have been around for quite a while and “Where Angels Fear” is a sort of a comeback album. According to the band’s bio they haven’t released anything since 2005’s “Vol 4”, so the bands fan base has high expectations.

“Where Angels Fear,” while not being the best album of the year, is certainly quite an enjoyable album. Like many female-fronted bands they play “metal-lite” but in this case they have big hooky choruses and songs that stick in your head, similar in style to Lacuna Coil‘s more recent albums. Singer Tanja Lainio has a great rock voice and is in fact, perfect for these songs.

Highlight songs for me are the album opener ‘Antidote To You’, ‘Still An Angel’ and the single ‘Bad Blood’.

Pick the album up and give it a chance. It’s actually quite good and I’m quite pleased to have been given the opportunity to hear it. I look forward to even better things from these guys (and gal) in the future.

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