Low Sonic Drift - Shadows CoverScotland’s Low Sonic Drift formed in 2007 and released their debut “Shadows of the Titan” independently on Theoretical Records in 2009. The record has resurfaced of late, gaining some momentum on the blogosphere ready for the band to drop their newest effort which should arrive at some point this year.

Low Sonic Drift (or LSD, geddit?) deal in eastern-tinged heavy as heck and somewhat progressive metal. Taking flavours from a myriad of influences and meshing them into a style that carries much in the way of melody but also yields some true head banging moments. Kicking off with “Sun Doesn’t Rise,” Low Sonic Drift stamp their intentions all over your proverbial face. Chunky riffs explode over a middle-eastern inspired introduction and Omar Aborida’s vocal splits the ether.

It’s an impassioned voice, and one can only hope that the intervening years has improved this skill. It’s not that the vocal is terrible by any stretch of the imagination but there’s a strain in the notes that is a tad off-putting, you want it to soar and whirl around the structures of the tracks but it never quite takes off. Fingers crossed this is not something to worry about for a forthcoming release because there’s talent on show in “Shadows of the Titan” – from the controlled beats on Javaud Habibi’s drum kit to the crunching bass lines underpinning the record and giving it texture.

“Shadows of the Titan” is a psychedelic trip, curious little additions to the sound palette serve to mark this group out from the crowd. “(Something in Farsi)” is divine instrumental piece, falling heavily on the ethnic side of Low Sonic Drift’s musical endeavours and transporting you to the bustling streets of a market in Iran. These tastes of culture spill over into album closer “Shadows,” the bass deep and dirty and the guitar taking on an Eastern tone in the picking before gaining speed and fully rounding out the track with electric sound. The vocal doesn’t appear until well into the track, Low Sonic Drift preferring to let the surging nature of their kaleidoscopic mix do the talking (as it were).

Low Sonic Drift are a band to watch, “Shadows of the Titan” is an excellent start and the ideas and influences found within are terrifically executed. As this record is at this point a couple of years old, it’ll be interesting to see what the passing of time has brought to this band.

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