Lord Of Mushrooms – PerspectivesLord Of Mushrooms is name one would associate with bands from the stoner rock and sludge metal genres and not so much progressive metal. However, it’s also the name of a progressive metal outfit from France. With people from France, Brasil and Italy within their ranks the band should be able to make a cracking album, if they manage to play their cards right. Let’s see what “Perspectives”, their latest album has to offer.

In all honesty, “Perspectives” is somewhat of a mixed bag. The Mushroom guys can write a decent tune or two and they’re clearly capable musicians. My main gripe with this album is just the sheer lack of adventurism or the willingness to really push the creative envelope. It’s basically progressive metal by numbers. Songs like “Warmth In The Wilderness”, “Grace (Dedicated To)” and “Raindrops On My Wings” certainly have their moments, that is until the singer opens his mouth.

Technically speaking Gus Monsanto ticks all the right boxes. His range is quite good and he does a fairly nice job within his vocal limitations. His voice misses two vital things though, namely power and personality. I realise not everyone is blessed with the vocal pipes of Russell Allen (Symphony X) or Damian Wilson (Threshold), but surely, there must be better and more versatile singers out there.

“Perspectives” has a crisp and heavy production, thanks to the capable hands of Richard Chiki (Rush, Dream Theater). This is one of the few elements with saves this album from pure mediocrity.

If you like progressive metal without any frivolities and fairly middle of the road, then “Perspectives” is the record for you. If you long for something a little more adventurous you’d better look for something else.

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