Locrian - The Clearing & The Final EpochLocrian are one of those drone/ambient types of “metal” bands that people either love or hate. Now, I for one, have never been a huge fan of albums that have all sorts of odd sounds put together with no distinguishable actual song. It’s all right when there are actual songs surrounding the weird ambient pieces like Ulver has done in the past. However, odd soundscapes with feedback and the odd clunking noise generally does nothing for me.

What does this have to do with Locrian and their double album “The Clearing & The Final Epoch”? Everything. If you couldn’t figure it out, Locrian are one of those drone/ambient bands that make really long “songs” with no detectable melody and the odd screech thrown in for good measure. To me this style is utterly and completely boring and I found this album to be a chore to sit through.

Don’t get me wrong, at times it seems like a song is about to start, such as with ‘Chalk Point’ where a melody kicks in after what seems like an hour’s worth of odd noises. Sadly, however, the actual song goes nowhere. The rest of the album is the same with some “songs” stretching past the fifteen minute mark.

To be perfectly honest, by the time the album was half-way over I was about ready to jump out of my skin as I was bored to tears. I’ve rarely experienced the phenomena of finding no redeeming quality’s in an album but sadly I find nothing redeeming here at all. This genre is just not for me. If you are a true fan of drone/ambient music then give it a try. If not, I would give it a miss…

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