Lockerbie - OlgusjorEvery-so-often I hear something that is just so wonderful it stops me in my tracks. To be honest, it’s been happening more and more lately… maybe I am becoming more selective or maybe the quality of the music I listen to has increased significantly… I don’t know but either way I am thoroughly enjoying what I am getting the opportunity to listen to.

One such album that made me stop and listen is “Olgusjor” by the Icelandic band, Lockerbie. My initial thought was that they were a less ethereal, more straight-down-the-middle Sigur Ros (please note: I am a huge fan of Sigur Ros). This isn’t a lazy join-the-dots comparison… musically they genuinely sound like Sigur Ros… and I, for one, can not get enough of them.

Lockerbie’s emphasis on instrumentation is inspired… with piano, strings, horns, guitar, drums all adding to the breadth of their sound… a sound that is lusciously pastoral and delightfully upbeat… even when they are rocking out. As I said above, think Sigur Ros but less ’out there’ and you’ll get Lockerbie.

They also place a welcomed emphasis on melody and have crafted some seriously beautiful songs… bringing all their instrumentation to the fore in a way that intentionally builds and betters the song.

Without sounding like an arrogant English-is-my-first-language person, the Icelandic vocals are a delight and not the distraction I initially thought they could be… there is a real singalong quality to their songs which could open me up to hilarious repercussions if an Icelandic speaker were ever to overhear me actually singing along. Thank goodness for soundproofing in cars… oh wait, you can still hear me? Oops!

It’s a truly infectious combination… wonderfully rich instrumentation with the most delightful of vocals. This is music that deserves to be heard… that should be on the playlists of the most discerning and forward-thinking radio DJs. I could really see this being played on BBC 6music… and I hope they do.

I am a Scot and I remember the disaster that hit the small Scottish town of Lockerbie back in the 80s. Whilst I still remember those we lost, I am glad and grateful that the name of Lockerbie can be associated with something as positive and uplifting as this band and their music. Recommended.

Lockerbie – Official Website