There was a time in the late 90’s to early 00’s when Limp Bizkit were one of the biggest bands on the planet, they were literally everywhere and there was no escaping them. When the nu- metal bubble burst they were the band who suffered the hardest and fell he most from grace. The ensuing years were not kind to the band, and they seemed destined to become a punchline in the history of metal. Then something unexpected happened, in 2009 the band announced that they had reformed their original lineup and were going to be touring European festivals, everyone suddenly remembered why they loved them so much in the first place.

Tonight’s show at Brixton Academy looks set to cash in on some of the goodwill that the last couple of years has afforded the bands re-emergence, and judging by the size of tonight’s crowd and the vibe they are generating there is definitely a lot of goodwill to go around.

The collected crowd has reached a fever pitch when the band takes to the stage, launching into a lively rendition of ‘My Generation’ and the place went understandably batshit mental, there were bodies flying all the over the place, in this moment you are reminded why the band was so beloved in the first place. Fred Durst is still his dumb loveable self and Wes Borland looks like he came straight out of Lady Gaga‘s ‘Bad Romance’ video (seriously).

Over the course of the bands hour and a half set they run through the hits ‘My Way,’ ‘Rollin’,’ ‘Nookie,’ ‘Break Stuff,’ ‘Take A Look Around,’ some older tracks ‘Re-Arranged,’ ‘Counterfeit,’ ‘Pollution’ and newer material ‘Why Try?,’ ‘Bring it back,’ ‘Walking Away’. There is no denying that tonight’s crowd is made up of the Limp Bizkit faithful and they eat up everything that the band tosses out to them.

When Limp Bizkit announced their return in 2009 I was amongst those who were sceptical, I thought that it was a shallow attempt from a band whose best years were behind them to take one last snatch at glory, how very wrong I was. Admittedly, Limp Bizkit will never ever reach the commercial highs of their early days, but you will be hard pressed to find a band that can crank out a set so full of party metal jams that the walls of the venue they are playing them in feel like they are about to collapse under the pressure of people having a ridiculous time.

Overall, tonight’s show was fun, it was brash and everything you could possibly want from a live gig. Let’s just hope that the Bizkit is back for a long while yet…

Photograph taken by Nick Pickles –