Les Discrets - Ariettes OubliéesFursy Teyssier is a true renaissance man. Besides being a painter and an animation specialist, he’s also the singer and main songwriter of Les Discrets. The band’s debut album, entitled “Septembre et Ses Dernières Pensées,” was met with critical acclaim. Let’s see what “Ariettes Oubliées,” the latest Les Discrets record, has to offer.

“Ariettes Oubliées” is once again a beautiful trip through lush and dreamy compositions in the best shoegaze and post rock tradition. In terms of arrangements, general atmosphere and musical style comparisons can be drawn with Alcest. However, Les Discrets is a little more down to earth in approach and spirit. That being said, compositions like ‘La Traversée,’ ‘Le Mouvement Perpétuel’ and ‘La Nuit Muette’ still bring you in a very pleasant dream-like state. The music on “Ariettes Oubliées” really resonates with me.

The best way to experience this album to the fullest is by listening to it with your headphones on. This way you’ll hear all the small little details that makes “Ariettes Oubliées” such a genuinely moving effort. It’s all about subtle changes in atmosphere, intricate melody lines and the expert use of musical contrasts. ‘Aux Creux De L’Hiver’ and ‘Les Regrets’ are poignant examples of this. All of the songs are sung in French, so it’s hard to keep track on what the lyrics are all about. On the other hand it does add an air of mysticism to the album. This is further enhanced by the sullen and soft-spoken vocal style by Fursy Teyssier himself.

Another key point of “Ariettes Oubliées” is the production. The sound is warm and fuzzy enough to invoke a pleasant sense of melancholy, but it also has enough grit to support the more aggressive parts.

It’s only early March, but I feel “Ariettes Oubliées” by Les Discrets will be one of the absolute musical highlights of this year, regardless of any genre. If you’re looking for genuinely emotive and moving music, this is the album to go for. Highly recommended!

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