Dripback are one of the UK hardcore/metal scene’s most brutal and vicious newcomers, hailing from London and rising from (and inhaling) the ashes of Ted Maul, Labrat, and Rivers Freshneys the band takes elements of Hardcore, Death and Grind and has molded them into a different beast entirely.

After slaying the Sophie Lancaster stage at Bloodstock in 2011 the band returned this year to finish what they started, we were on hand to catch up with Guitarist Lee4 and Drummer Hellhog to discuss the ins and outs of the world of Dripback. You’ve been warned….

You guys played last year and are back again this year. Did you feel like you had to up the ante this time?

Lee4: We definitely had to take it up a little notch man.

Hellhog: We definitely cranked it and put everything on 11 basically today, we played a couple of new tunes as well.

Lee4: We felt a little bit bad about doing it 2 years in a row to be honest, but we got asked back so what are you gonna say?

Hellhog: You can’t say no to Bloodstock, when they come knocking you answer.

Bloodstock has been a platform for a lot of rising bands in the past, do you think its going to help you guys reach that next level?

Lee4: I think its helped us man, last year we played to a pretty full tent and this year it was even more full,so its gotta be doing something man, so we’ve gotta be leaving some kind of mark on the metal scene.

Hellhog: it’s our name on the Bloodstock t-shirt 2 years in a row, it’s got the forum up in arms, but we’re happy with it.

Its because your not corpse paint wearing motherfuckers man.

Hellhog: We don’t have swords and shields and shit, we just do our thing man.

Lee4: These cunts on the forum they don’t come to the festival, they just bitch and moan about all the bands that get added, fuck them.

Exactly, a bunch of keyboard warriors man.

Lee4: Fuck those cunts on the forum, fucking dicks.

Hellhog: One day we’ll have t-shirts that say ‘Fuck the forums” (laughs)

You mentioned earlier that you have a new album on the way. How was the writing process for that?

Lee4: Very simple man, we’ve been playing songs that are going on this album since our first show last year, it’s funny to say we’ve only been gigging for a year, we played our first ever show last May and that was with Soilent Green, so we’ve been playing songs since then that are going on this album, there are new ones as well, we played one or two new ones today, there’s some cool new shit man, but it’s very simple we try not to try basically.

Hellhog: we put our heart on our sleeve man and just go out there and slash it, what you see is what you get.

Lee4: It’s very easy for us, we just wanted to play hardcore with a little touch of something that makes you think we can play.

Hellhog: Something that we enjoy, we only play what we enjoy.

Lee4: It’s not for anyone else, it’s for us.

Hellhog: The riffs we write, it literally reads like a retarded book, but if we don;t like it, it doesn’t go in. It’s a big thing for us to go in and go bang, we’ve all been in other bands, we’ve all been there and now is the time for us to take a step back and say ‘we like that riff, it may be cheesy but so what, or that may be a bit heavy, but fuck it man if it works it works’ its come together though man and the new album will show that, it’s a big step up for Dripback, and I think the EP was good, it was rushed, but the album is a step up from that and it shows.

Lee4: It’s very consistent, it’s very consistent throughout the album what we’re doing but there’s still some At The Gates shit, some Entombed shit, some Black Metal shit, we just throw it all in,so we’re the same band but we put a little more thought into the music and the lyrics especially, there’s a lot of shit behind what we’re talking about, the e.p was pretty much ‘Fuck off you cunts’ but this time there’s feelings behind our lyrics and we’re trying to put out a positive vibe.

Hellhog: Wez has gone to town on the vocals,what he’s done with the lyrics is awesome.

He’s a fucking mad man on that stage as well, I was terrified I thought that motherfucker was gonna knife me man. Genuinely scared man.

Hellhog: (Laughs)

Lee4: He’s like a retarded zombie on that stage man, the way he creeps around, he makes you think he’s gonna kill you.

You said it was easier writing the album this time around as opposed to writing the EP. Did that mean you took a step back and put less pressure on yourselves this time?

Lee4: We’ve had a lot of time to write it so its been kind of relaxed, we’re trying not to try. We’ve found when you put too much into something it doesn’t always work so we’re trying to be very easy on it, and look at it with a punk attitude, bosh out a riff in a couple of minutes, do that kind of thing.

Have you got an album title and release date in mind for it?

Hellhog: We Haven’t got a title or a release date yet, but I can say we have 13 songs recorded for a new record with Russ Russell. We literally walked out the studio this week and came to Bloodstock, then we’ll go back in to mix it.

Lee4: We’re just waiting to see what happens with labels, we can’t give out any information because we haven’t got a clue, the sooner someone snaps us up then we’ll give it out and we’ll be on the road.

You guys have the show with Nasum and Black Breath coming up on September 25th. Are you looking forward to that one?

Hellhog: Fucking stoked to be playing that man, and with Black Breath as well, it;s going to be so cool.

Lee4: Nasum are probably my favourite grind band man, them and Napalm Death, just the way that they play, especially their last album ‘Shift’ it really touches me in a way that emotional music would touch other people, their riffs and the way they write stuff man it really gets me and it’s an absolute pleasure to be a part of the last tour and its their only UK show, we’ve done some really cool shit, but to play with Nasum is an absolute honour.

Are you guys going to be nervous?

Lee4: We don’t get nervous man, the Underworld is our home, that;s out home turf, we tell London what’s up, we;re going to play some new tunes that no one’s ever heard before, we’re going to smash the shit out of it.

So the best is yet to come from Dripback then?

Hellhog:Best is yet to come bruv.

I’m looking forward to it, especially after seeing you guys for the first time today man, so impressed.

Hellhog: Thanks man, nice one appreciate it.

Have you guys got anything to say to the Dripback fans and even the haters out there?

Lee4:Listen to real music, if you’re going to download shit for free, I don’t care about that, fucking go and support a band, go and fucking pay to go to a gig, buy a fucking t-shirt from the band man, support real music, be a good person man, fuck all this negativity and hate, let’s be good.

Hellhog: Be a good person is definitely the mainstay of that, you can’t better that

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