Lazarus Syndrome - FlatineHow is it that a new band like Lazarus Syndrome puts out an EP called “Flatline” and manages to sound better than bands that have been on the scene for years with full length albums?

It is one of those EP’s that specialises in clutching the listener and flinging them through planes of multi-faceted styles. Just when the listener thinks he has it pinned – kaput – it’s gone!

Four tracks from Lazarus Syndrome’s “Flatline” give you a nibble of the birthing wolf that is to come. It is rapid, ravenous, melodic, brusque and serving a platter of astounding variation. The first track ‘Forsaken’ really plunges into the depths of vocal variation – with an unforeseen clean singing style chorus and then a howling beast to satisfy the death metalheads. While ‘A Path Less Travelled’ is more melodic and more concentrated on the music composition; expect the wavering of soft and thunderous rhythm with hints of an undulating grind.

The fourth track ‘Blameless Creator’ is probably the winner as it slams, it grates and it pushes the boundaries of heavy death metal. This track is the one that warms the listener up for a headbanging session with that demonically fast paced riffage, whipping drums and the roars of a monster awakening. Though too soon is it over and you just catch yourself pouting like Angelina Jolie because you want more.

Lazarus Syndrome has gratified every metal bone and I have no bad words to put on the line about their self-released EP. Take that as a major hint!

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