With the last days of April coming up, it would be appropriate to talk about the eight studio album recently released by Swedish indie rock band Last Days Of April on March 28th.  The new album entitled “79” is yet another soothing and tranquil album, with its heart felt lyrics and slow rhythm guitars. Just what you need for the warm weather approaching this time of year, or if like us, you live in Britain, a calming album to play while you sit inside in the rain drinking tea.

What stood out the most in this album was the track ‘Don’t Stand In The Way Of Love’ with its beautifully written lyrics that really play on the heart strings. The heart-warming ballads on this album such as ‘Still Think About It’ and ‘Lily’ are almost perfect, for those quiet nights in after a hard day’s work. ‘What Is Love Anyway’ is a more upbeat, rhythmic song with heart felt lyrics that plays on the fact that.

‘Where We Belong’ is the ‘heaviest’ song on the album, if you believe heavy is even a word to describe this style of music, but even though it sounds heavier it doesn’t detach from the tranquillity of the rest of the album.

If you like the solo work done by Soundgarden/Audioslave’s own Chris Cornell, you may go for this. It’s not a soppy love album; it’s a warm fronted collection of songs that gives you an insight to what love is actually about. Just because they sing about love on an acoustic guitar, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to drone on about how their ex-girlfriend dumped them. Which is what makes this album so credible; you just don’t get that feeling with this.

The only bad point that could be raised is that each song is too similar to the others. There isn’t enough variety, and it is unclear when one song finishes and the next begins. After a couple of plays, it becomes apparent which song is which, but they all sound a bit…samey.

Singer Karl Larsson is no Chris Cornell, but he is definitely a standing contender. He brings a unique, guttural yet powerful voice to the band and with that voice, the music stands a lot stronger and you can understand how this band have managed to carry on for over a decade. You can listen to the full album via the bands website.

Last Days Of April – Official Website