Lahmia - Into The AbyssHailing from Roma, Italy, Lahmia aren’t exactly the hardest band to pinpoint the influences of. Listing their influences as Swedish and American death metal as well as black metal and doom, you can definitely pick up on the Swedish melodic death metal band worship in their music. As perhaps expected the sum of such influences is hardly original and should sound pretty familiar for anyone with a fleeting interest in this style of music. I must say though that this is still a very decent album.

Lahmia, as mentioned previously, obviously have a massive element of those Swedish melodic bands with some huge and sweeping riffs and solo’s, but also, like the band state, with some American sounding characteristics. At times the vocals are pretty reminiscent of God Forbid for example. There are even times where Vader’s admiration creeps in as well, and even though at first glance it can appear quite motivational sounding, lyrically it can be pretty melancholic and dark, such as on “Silent Through The Screaming Crowd”.

Although there is a lack of innovation on show here, what Lahmia do have is a great knack for writing a really good and catchy song. Opener “Drag Me To Hell” is a prime example of them taking from their influences and being able to show great song writing prowess with some really catchy parts. “The Tunnel” and “Glass Eyed Child” are also equally anthemic, often showing an Amon Amarth like capability for muscular but memorable song writing.

The only real drawback of “Into The Abyss” is how familiar it is, drawing from such influences means that there is precious little here that has not been heard before. It makes up for this however by being done strongly, and if they are making songs of this quality, that’s all that really matters right?

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