Having seen Kyrbgrinder before at the Roadhouse in Manchester, I have always known them to be a very interactive band with the crowd and at Hammerfest IV they proved it yet again. The band consists of drummer/vocalist Johanne James, Dave Lugay on bass and Tommy Caris on guitar.

Kyrbgrinder play a similar style to Skindred and Rage Against The Machine which is probably the reason why they had a massive turn out for the Queen Victoria pub the scene for Stage 3. During the set, ‘Sound Of The Police’, turned out to be a crowd favourite with everyone up and nodding to the beats, some were even headbanging making quite an interesting spectacle.  Again the band interacted more with the crowd, for instance, Johanne James had the crowd chant the title of the last track and even they had a woman on the stage getting involved with the band, dancing along, headbanging and even throwing in a few lyrics now and again.

All in all Kyrbgrinder set the stage, the mood and created an atmosphere for the crowd which was unforgettable. This is one band you must see on tour just for the pure talent they have and display.

Photos taken by Sabrina Ramdoyal.