Krisiun - The Great ExecutionEstablished and some what “Cult” Death Metal outfit Krisiun unleashes yet another deadly arsenal of decapitating riffs, hell emanating blast beats and some incredible vocal work on their latest composition titled “The Great Execution” and one could sense that a great execution is exactly what they intended. Being somewhat established it becomes increasing difficult to keep it fresh in terms of new material, especially in a genre like death metal where some bands complete lose the plot and it all becomes rather banal. But, luckily the trident that is Krisiun has managed to successfully push the genre to yet another level of extremity. This album is the bands 8th album and can be held in high regard as most of the other albums, “Black Force Domain” has always been the ultimate Krisiun album in my opinion, however this album might knock it off its pedestal.

The album gets off to a rather classical start with ‘The Will To Potency’ that has an insane Spanish guitar introduction, showing the band isn’t afraid of trying a different approach to their song writing that as is traditionally expected of death metal. However, the classical guitar doesn’t last long before the inevitable brutality kicks in around 30 seconds with some pretty open riffs accompanied by battery like drums. In many ways the riffs and drumming that follows can only be described as riding across an inferno wasteland of death and deconstruction. Alex Camargo does a really good job in maintain the brutality and painstakingly intense atmosphere of the track. It does eventually break down with a really solid riff for a few seconds just before the 3-minute mark before you are plunged back into a warzone of riffs and blast beats. About 3 minutes 40 seconds in we are treated to some great guitar showmanship before the ‘War Machine’ rumbles on. It all slows down around 5 minutes before it erupts again with some mind-blowing solo sweeping which then transcends back into a more traditional solo. The song over all is 6 and half minutes long. Relentless now has a new synonym, Krisiun!

One of the stand out tracks on this album in my opinion is the title track, ‘The Great Execution,’ it encompasses everything the band set out to achieve and this is a trend throughout the whole album. It does their whole sound justice from intro to riffs, to breakdowns and to the outro, which is probably my favourite part. It’s tight, well executed and absolutely relentless from start to finish! The solo is immaculate with a real South American flavor to it. The next song that really captivates the senses is titled ‘The Sword of Orion,’ which has the previously mentioned Spanish guitar playing and adds something special to the track and the album in terms of variety and superior composition along with music showmanship. Never thought that brutal death metal and classic Spanish acoustic could compliment each other so well. This is the most prevalent towards the end of the track. Sublime.

It was really hard picking my favourite three tracks off the album, which finally came out to be the above mentioned. The other tracks do also have some variety to them with some Spanish acoustic style guitar parts which does well to be in complete sync with the intensity of the guitars and drums and you can actually appreciate the way it all seamlessly flows together to produce the final product. The three brothers from Brazil really do their country proud as well as the rest of the South American Death Metal following along with bands such as Mortem, Chasm and Anal Vomit. They really have knocked Sweden and Europe off the top spot as best country and continent for death metal. However, I believe a new Asphyx album is in the making and Grave also has a new line-up. But for now South American Death Metal reigns supreme.

The album over all consists of 10 killer tracks which are all really special in their own right and all have the same type of vibe and atmosphere to it: ANNIHILATE YOUR EARDRUMS. The album weighs in just over an hour in length and will have you banging away none stop until their next masterpiece. One of the reasons for their success is that Krisiun is one of only a few death metal bands with a very solid line-up and they have been together since the start way back in 1990. “The Great Execution” as a song and an album as a whole is a solid bone-a-fide masterpiece and exceeded all my expectations. Brilliant album.

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