Kråke - Conquering DeathIt’s hard to know where to start with a band that name checks Bal-Sagoth as one of their inspirations, look like Behemoth on a lower budget and have a band member called “Dr-Horror”.

Let’s start with the obvious then. This is a Dimmu Borgir tribute record. So similar sounding to that awful, flaccid excuse for a metal band are Norway’s Kråke that it escapes credulity that these aren’t b-sides from that same band. The vocals sound like Shagrath, the keyboards have exactly the same tone as those on later-day Dimmu albums and even the song structures are exactly the same even down to the galloping bass.

It’s fine to wear your influences on your sleeve, but not to the point of straight up plagiarism. There’s even an obligatory “song in Norwegian” to close the album.

It’s really incredibly hard to find any sort of redeeming feature here. At best, the album is listenable enough and there’s nothing overtly offensive. “Conquering Death” is well produced, in the sense of high value and soulless, rather than sounding good and Dr-Horror himself provides some perfectly adequate guitars.

Ultimately though, this is only going to appeal to people with such awful taste in music that they’ve decided not only to listen to Dimmu Borgir, but third-rate copies of them as well. A limited audience, to say the least.

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