Kobra and the Lotus - Kobra and the LotusOK, let’s get the facts about Kobra and the Lotus out the way first. They are a five piece metal band from Canada fronted by vocalist and band namesake Kobra Paige, they are managed by Gene Simmons, they have supported Judas Priest and they are awesome. So those are the facts, now lets take a look at the band’s self-titled new album.

Kobra and the Lotus deal in no frills classic sounding metal, which makes for a refreshing change to see a band just play balls to the wall music without gimmicks or agenda behind it.  The album opens with ’50 Shades of Evil,’ an up tempo number that kicks things off in a fine style, it is also the perfect precursor to the albums first single ‘Welcome to my Funeral’ which is a menacing sidewinder of a track, where Kobra drives the track with her seductive poison drenched vocals.

Speaking of the vocals, Kobra Paige has an incredible voice that showcases many different ranges throughout the course of the album, showing herself to be the perfect blend of Doro and Lita Ford, she’s if the embodiment of everything that makes women in modern metal great and she acts as a perfect frontwoman for the band, as well as being its brainchild.

It’s evident that the band is influenced by the 1980’s era of classic metal, everything from Priest and Maiden all the way down to Warlock and Vixen are included in the mix, creating a great bridge between old school and new school metal, and thus providing a gateway band for newer fans to cling onto as well as giving older fans of the genre a new band to reconnect them to scene.

At a brisk 42 minutes, not a single moment on the album is wasted, between breakneck guitars, pounding drums and driving melodies Kobra and the Lotus have provided us with an album bursting with metal anthems in waiting that proves what this band is capable of whilst hinting at the greatness they can go on to achieve in the future.

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