Kobra and the Lotus are one of Bloodstock‘s hidden gems this year, bringing an old school metal approach to the gathered masses on Sunday morning, the band wastes none of their short set time but rather rose and unleashed a metal storm, making many new friends in the process.

Fronted by the lovely and somewhat enigmatic Kobra Paige, the band is all Judas Priest riffs wrapped around a Doro centric front woman, its a formula that works well for them, and translates well live. The great thing about Kobra and the Lotus is that in a weekend full with blood, fire and all kinds of other gimmickry, this band resorts to none of the above, instead allowing the music and their own energy to speak for itself.

The band has a confidence and tightness that belies their young age, they have obviously spent the last couple of years honing their craft, making sure that when the time was right so the Kobra could strike with maximum effect and that is exactly what they do.

Its a tough act, being a fairly unknown band, having to open the main stage of a festival on the last day when everyone is either tired or hungover or in most cases both, but this seems to pass right by Kobra and the Lotus who turn in a set that will one day see them ascend to the level of headliner, tracks like ‘Welcome to My Funeral’ and ’50 Shades of Evil’. These and other tracks show the greatness this band already possesses whilst hinting at the heights they will no doubt reach further down the line.

Kobra and the Lotus are going to go on to be a world class band at this rate, and everyone here can say that they witnessed the band come of age right before their very eyes.

Kobra and the Lotus – Facebook Page

Photos taken by Sabrina Ramdoyal