Klone - The Eye Of NeedleHailing from France, Klone are on the brink of the threatened explosion they have been capable of since the release of their last record, “Black Days”, in 2010. Giving a taste of where their musical intentions are heading with “The Eye Of Needle”, an EP featuring two (well, one track in two parts) new songs plus an unreleased piece from the sessions that spawned “Black Days”.

Most often compared with ToolKlone have a curious tone to them. It’s one that is difficult to pinpoint exactly. It’s in the vocal of Yann Ligner, a voice that shares similarities with Maynard James Keenan in the depths and the almost-screams. It’s in the time signatures which have a little progressive quality, arching and swerving and introducing flourishes of ethnic Eastern resonance. It seems lazy to say Klone are that Tool-esque, but it’s a starting point for those unfamiliar with this French quintet.

Utilising non-standard metal instrumentation (saxophone, harp, electronic waves and even the odd flute), Klone are forming interesting sound landscapes. The title track, ‘The Eye of the Needle Part I,’ builds to a fuzz laden crescendo before fading out to slight electronic stabs. The second part is a rockier affair; strong bass lines from Jean Etienne Maillard rumbling beneath Ligner’s impressive vocal range whilst surges of Florent Marcadet’s drum flow, binding the piece together and swells of pulsing electronic noise permeate the final minutes.

The final track, ‘Monster,’ is one from Klone’s previous album sessions. Much heavier in sound, the guitar work bursts with absolute command from Guillaume Bernard and Michael Moreau, ‘Monster’ being far more guitar driven than the two other tracks on this EP. Ligner’s vocal is noticeably different and the use of a deep growl is as surprising as it is stylistically pleasing. It’ll be interesting to see where Klone take their next record. This EP does well to show the shift in sound over in years and the total confidence they have in their ability to work outside of the constraints of the progressive rock genre. Impressive.

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