Kissin' Dynamite - Money, Sex & PowerSleaze: (Noun) Immoral, sordid and corrupt behaviour or material.

The new era of Sleaze metal is nigh and it’s growing infinitely popular as the days go on. Influenced by the 80s hair metal bands such as Mötley Crüe and Whitesnake or even going back to the 70s with AC/DC and Def Leppard. Sleaze music is hard, heavy and hellacious  fun, set to give women orgasms and make men throw TVs out the window. This is the new-age Rock N’ Roll and kids across the globe are fiercely trying to make it so.

Crash Diet, Enforcer, Black Rain and Veins of Jenna are a few bands who slot into this genre, but whether or not new kids on the block Kissin’ Dynamite have earned their key into the house of Sleaze, is what ThisIsNotAScene are about to find out.

After their first album “Steel Of Swabia” hit the stores in 2008, the acclaim was massive and the five-piece soared to new heights. With a slot on the Czech ‘Master Of Rock’ festival followed by a tour with former Accept/U.D.O singer Udo Dirkschneider via personal invite. After releasing their second album, “Addicted To Metal” critics started to announce Kissin’ Dynamite as one of “the best new German band since Edguy” according to their website. So this leaves us with their new album, “Money, Sex & Power” which saw its release in March this year, and right from the off, you can tell why this band are getting the praise they are.

Sleaze should be loud, locomotive and reckless. The guitars should be fast, the bass down low and the drum beat so heavy that the walls fall down. And that is what you get with “Money, Sex & Power.”

From the first track ‘Money, Sex & Power’ you are instantly hit by a wall of raunchy guitars and twangy solo’s. Although it is usually typical of Sleaze to have a high powered voice, frontman Hannes Bruan’s style of singing is similar to Axl Rose Of Guns N’ Roses and Olli Herman of Reckless Love, which makes this band the most unique Sleaze band of the decade. With catchy choruses and anthemic lyrics, this is the ultimate party song.

‘Club 27’ is my favourite track on the album. With lyrics about violence, death and hard times, this band is not just about the sex and money as stated in the title. When Hannes sings that last line “come on Jimmy, beat me up, welcome to the club” you can see a side of the band that that you don’t hear in other songs which are primarily about partying and alcohol.

Underneath the party animal persona our Rock bands create, are broken hearts and lost souls. But that is what makes someone such an amazing song writer. A person, who experiences the worst, can always offer the best. And this is the impression that Kissin’ Dynamite set out.

So going back to my previous statement “Whether [..] Kissin’ Dynamite have earned their key into the house of Sleaze,” the answer is short and simple. Hell Yes. Every song is bursting with energy and enthusiasm. It is agreed, this is the “best new German band since Edguy.”

Kissin’ Dynamite – Official Website