Kill The Conversation - Farewell For The Last TimeA part of the ever growing and ever thriving UK metal scene, Dorchester in Dorset is the latest in an increasing line of ‘unexpected sounding places’ in the UK to produce a pretty decent sounding metal band, in the form of Kill The Conversation. On this, the bands second EP, “Farewell For The Last Time,” these lads show a bucket-load of potential.

Fitting into a metalcore mould, Kill The Conversation have hardly created their own sound as such; musically this sounds very similar to Parkway Drive in particular with some hints of melodeath in the mix. Not an original concept, but it does have the advantage of being done very well however.

Opening track ‘Fold’ begins quite slowly with a near melancholic and misleading atmosphere, with Churchill’s famous “Fight them on the beaches” speech before it properly kicks in. From here on in it is familiar but fun sounding metalcore: big choruses and hooks and breakdowns a plenty.

There are some drawbacks unfortunately; notably although being familiar isn’t necessary a bad point as such, it does mean it can be all too similar to other bands playing a similar style, and in a very crowded genre, this can be problematic.

Secondly, while it is hugely fun whilst your listening to it, it does suffer with being pretty forgetful afterwards. This is a real shame though because I thoroughly enjoyed “Farewell For The Last Time” and the strength of this band does show through considerably. There is a lot of room to grow here, but by sounds of things these guys can definitely manage it. Ones to watch? Quite possibly.

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