Killerfix - Bridge Of DisorderWith comparisons to Machine Head and their “The Blackening” album being thrown around like confetti upon the debut release from UK metallers Killerfix, there was a sense of anticipation tempered with doubt going into “Bridge Of Disorder”. Could their first album really rival or live up to the aforementioned classic? Well, no, not quite but it certainly marks Killerfix as a mighty and impressive addition to UK metal and their album as one to pay strong attention to. “Bridge of Disorder” is a thunderous and inventive collection of songs which rile up the senses and captivate them with thoughtful craft and imagination within a tumultuous aggressive intensity.

Killerfix was initially formed in 2007 as a project between vocalist Craig Wilson and producer Jo Wood. Work on “Bridge of Disorder” began the following year and accelerated when guitarists Christian Lloyd and James Fitzpatrick joined the ranks. Recorded at Stanley House Studios and mastered by Ray Staff (Black Sabbath, Cradle of Filth), the album took a year to complete overall and saw Dan Foord of SikTh adding drums to the recording. Since its completion the band has become a powerful quintet with the addition of drummer Mat Curr and bassist Kim Rogers and laying waste to venues and audiences across London.

The album, from the opening pulsating guitar invitation to ‘Beckoning,’ surges straight to the senses with bone snapping intensity and intimidating predatory riffs. The attack is persistent but with restraint so that the enveloping muscular sounds do not demolish the senses but bruise with an insistent and blackened energy. As the riffs and rhythms niggle away the guitars conjure up inspiring melodic play and imaginative asides to vein and light up the forceful presence upon the ear. The song is well crafted and intelligently structured to intrigue and inspire a connection rather than battering one into submission.

From that song alone one can hear the Machine Head influences as well as those of DevilDriver and Lamb Of God and can understand comparisons though Killerfix add something different and refreshing that sets them aside from direct comparisons. Second song ‘Someone Else To Blame’ is a different variation of their musical beast offering a metal spine that reminds of Clawfinger a little but mostly of Prong, its throbbing dark pulse venomous and filth caked. With disruptive technical riffs and an intensity that again persuades rather than brutalises the song is a groove driven masterpiece and strongest song on the release.

The tracks come thick and muscular throughout, constantly inciting strong respect and deep addictive focus. The likes of the rampaging storm that is ‘In Texas’, the Pantera like classic tones of ‘Divided’, and the senses splitting intrusion of ‘Smoke For The Pain’, all excite and satisfy with a strength sapping energy and invigorating melodic enterprise that lie side by side with seamless and accomplished ease.

Released via Dust On The Tracks Records, the album pleases and satisfies right through to its end and the closing pair of the excellent title track, where Wilson in his finest Dez Fafara like tone excels his already constant high standard alongside the blistering and senses puncturing skilful guitars of Lloyd and Fitzpatrick, and ‘Deaf Nation’ with its wonderful additional vocals from Rosalie Deighton. With smooth vocals from Wilson initially matching hers before he expands into a grizzled emotive force the song is an inventive and well crafted piece of ingenuity which though not as accessible as others further shows the band’s creativity.

“Bridge Of Disorder” is an excellent album that declares Killerfix as one of the best emerging metal bands in the UK as well as giving rise to a promise of even greater things ahead where they might just become a rival in importance to Machine Head.

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