ThisIsNotAScene takes some time to catch up with Austrialia’s own Kettlespider, to talk about their latest album “Avadante,” the writing process, band ambitions and more.

Who the members of Kettlespider are and what instruments do you play?

Colin Andrews – bass guitar
Scott Ashburn – guitar
Haris Boyd-Gerny – guitar
Geoffrey Fyfe – keyboards
Simon Wood – drums

How long have you been together and how did you meet?

Colin: Late 2009, we met in high school after playing in various bands together.

Your first pub gig is probably still relatively fresh in your mind. Where was it and what are your memories of it? How did it feel? What sort of responses did you get to your set?

Geoff: Our first official gig as Kettlespider was at The Tote in Collingwood late 2011.
Scott: We played a bunch of songs from our debut record, long before its release and it was cool that people seemed to like what they heard..
Harry: It felt great to get the Kettlespider name out there.
Simon: Yeah, it was good to have so many people there to support us.

When people listen to Kettlespider, what do you hope they will take from your music?

Geoff: Hopefully they will enjoy our take on the progressive rock genre.
Simon: We hope people will feel like they’re a part of the story.. We try and use a lot of melodies and interesting rhythms, and i think that combination can evoke some pretty strong moods.

How do you go about creating a song?

Scott: In the case of “Avadante”, Haris was the man with the riffs. From these riffs the songs evolved considerably with input from the rest of us. Each member knows their role within the total sound and I think it came together really well in the end.

Simon: I have to agree with Scott… from the way the riffs and ideas sounded at the start of the writing process – it’s awesome to hear how well everyone’s parts came together to emphasise a story. The songs are just as fun to play live too..

Your first record has just been released. It’s a concept album, which is very ambitious for a debut. Why did you decide to jump in the deep end?

Geoff: When we first played the songs, Haris had a basic story ready to compliment the album. As the songs developed, we spoke more about what moods were represented in the music, and how the ever-evolving story tied in with the album. By the time the album was finished, we met up with our artist Breana to finalise the story in visual and verbal form. I think the end result has a meaningful message.

You also produced the record yourself. Can you tell us what was behind that decision and some of the unexpected things that come up during the process?

Geoff: I had just completed my two years in a sound production degree, and have worked with the guys in the band for years doing the production side of things, so i knew what to expect in the whole process. It was more a matter of getting it sounding as good as possible with the gear at hand, and on a low budget. We were really pleased with the end result.

There is a strong progressive music scene in Australia creating a diverse range of styles. How welcoming to a new band like Kettlespider are the people involved and what impact has this had on you?

Colin: The prog scene here is certainly growing, however the term ‘prog’ is so diverse now that it’s hard to find any two bands that sounds completely similar.. Either way, we are enjoying the way we are being treated in the local scene – with promoters taking interest in us and plenty of people keen to see us play live.
Simon: At present we are still relatively unknown, but hopefully the impact of being a part of a thriving local scene will benefit our band in years to come! Big thanks to everyone that has helped us out so far!

What are your ambitions as a band?

Harry: Our second album is currently being written, with the working title of “Samsara”,and it will further develop and refine the sound of “Avadante”. I guess the current aim is to impress at live shows, build the fan base, and continue writing music that people enjoy!

What’s something everyone needs to know about Kettlespider?

If you’d like to listen to our debut album, “Avadante”, you can find it at our bandcamp page. We’d love to see you at a gig sometime soon!

Kettlespider – Facebook Page