Warseid‘s latest release “Where Fate Lies Unbound“, is a dynamic combination of genre’s and sounds giving forth a unique blend from the most unlikely places in the US, Madison Wisconsin. Given their seemingly multiple musical inspirational sources I got the chance to find out a little more about this band and what makes them tick.

Can you tell us a little bit about your humble beginnings?

We started out in mid 2008 as a side project of another short lived band. Our name then was Varangian Guard. At first it was just Logan, Kyle, and myself, but as the other band fell apart, we took Varangian Guard up as a full time commitment and ran with it. In 2009 Joe joined up and we changed the band name to Warseid.

Where does your name come from and what meaning does it carry?

A lot of our influence comes from pagan traditions and mythology. Seid or Seidr is a type of magic which was practised by Norse pagans in conjunction with Norse Mythology. Really that’s all there is to the name. We stuck war in front of it and called it a day.

Who did the cover art for your release, and is the symbolism as obvious as it seems?

Marta Sokolowska did the artwork for WFLU. Really, it is something that Marta created on her own with our lyrics as inspiration. The symbolism in the art is consistent with the lyrics, so I suppose in that way it is obvious.

What and who inspires you?

Different things on different days to be sure. Musicians from all walks of life, nature, and history are constant inspirations. On some days, life inspires us. On others, absolutely nothing . Ultimately we are inspired by our desire to make music and be proud of what we create, but the spark that begins an idea can come from anywhere.

What was the moment when you decided I want to make this style of music?

It was at the same point that Logan began Varangian Guardian in 2008. He started the band with a specific musical direction in mind. The more Kyle and I were exposed to it, the more we loved it and the further we wanted to take it. Our direction has certainly changed a lot since we formed, but our roots are still the same.

How would you classify your music, I hate labels but we all seem obsessed with them?

This is a tough question. You could call us any number of genres and be somewhat correct. We have symphonic elements, but we are not symphonic metal. We have blackened elements, but we are not black metal. We have folk elements, but we are not folk metal. We don’t really like the idea of placing a label on our music. It’s difficult to be as original and creative when you confine yourself to one vein of music. So, I will leave the labels to media critics.

Do you have trouble translating what you recorded into a live setting?

Not at all. We enjoy our live sound much more than our recorded sound.

Are there any overarching themes in this release?

The musical tone is fairly consistent throughout and reflects the story being told. Other than the concept, no there are not any strong themes.

Are you happy with the finished product and what’s your favorite track, if there is one on the release?

We are incredibly proud of WFLU. Each track has it’s own distinct voice, so it is tough to pick a favorite. I personally cannot.

Who are the 5 bands you are listening to at the moment?

Carach Angren, Arbor, Trollband, Marduk, and Turisas.

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