Karnak Seti - In Harmonic EntropyKarnak Seti’s, “In Harmonic Entropy” burns slow like the midnight oil. It is powerful at the beginning yet not sustainable till the end. It is harmonious metal yet generic death metal.

On the other hand, the self-released album earns a fantastic mention for its riffs of great calibre as well as its fluid moving track list. The Portugal based band spent a great amount of time crafting nine intense tracks of which two are re-releases from prior recordings. “In Harmonic Entropy” does arouse the listener into an atmosphere of organized chaos with biting licks and plenty of clean lines.

The biting riffs are best enjoyed on the track “Loss” with its distorted alternating of furious and slow tempos. It is here that the drums become the most prominent feature as well as a heavy and neat bass line. The vocals are fairly melodic and at times clean so do not expect any pig-squealing or unnecessary grunts that is often illustrated in the death metal genre. Though do expect a brusque force in the vocals and a slight bit of raw in the track which stands out, entitled “Only Red Mists” in which a superb use of grinds are expressed. The stylistic variations in the album change from death metal to melodic metal and even possess a lucid In Flames quality.

Nevertheless, Karnak Seti has been playing for a subsequent number of years and their skills are relatively refined so in terms of musicianship, the band is not lacking. The main problem with In “Harmonic Entropy” is the closet recording which slightly stifles the sound quality. The drums become suppressed on most of the tracks while the guitar gets pushed to the background thus implicating the overall potential of the album.

In terms of listenership, Karnak Seti racks up a good chance with the audience especially with the In Flames fans. Although “In Harmonic Entropy” might not be on the ‘must have’ list – it falls under the ‘definitely worth dexterity’ category.

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