kamala - the seven deadly chakrasSão-Paulo based heavy metal band Kamala convey short fused power and ferocity in their third studio release entitled “The Seven Deadly Chakras.” The gruelling guitars, hammering drums and raspy vocals combine to fire up a concept album. Aptly named, “The Seven Deadly Chakras” tell a tale of the seven vices of humankind and elaborate on the whereabouts of the seven chakras in the human body. The release thus inhabits fourteen plausible tracks clocking at precisely one hour.

Kamala raises eyebrows as their album bellows with amazing riffage from the opening track ‘Envy’. It introduces the central theme by playing the sample of an Indian guitar (sitar) and progresses into a wall of rhythmic flows. The vocals remain clean yet at times become brusque but it should be noted there are no screeches and squeals. The drums are evidently thunderous and a bass-line is heard even though it remains at the corners of the tracks. As the album ascends, the highlight tracks leap out from “The Seven Deadly Chakras” namely, ‘Solar Plexus’ and ‘Third Eye’. Both the tracks encompass complex riffage, technical proficiency and pitch variations plus the drumming is well handled. On a more instrumental note and a pleasing break from the fast and infuriated, ‘Sloth’ covers a non-distorted melody and keeping to its namesake it is sluggish. This track is evidence that the members of Kamala can handle their instruments with no problems at all.

“The Seven Deadly Chakras” is certainly a well produced concept album; it ranks good with production values especially seeing as it is independently released. The only criticism that I have is few tracks sound alike and those tracks take a bit of time to grow on the listener. Apart from that, the prompt pummelling atmosphere created by “The Seven Deadly Chakras” is a must listen to and rightly deserves 7/10.

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