After reviewing the latest release from Kamala, I was quite taken with their own brand of thrash. With that in mind I was able to get the band to take some time and talk with ThisIsNotAScene.

Hello, Kamala! Thank you for taking time out to do this interview for ThisIsNotAScene.Impressive concept album, Kamala! Please can the band elaborate on the ideology of The Seven Deadly Chakras?

When we started working on this new album, we started noticing that everything was directing us toward the number 7. As we did our research, we thought it would be really interesting to connect this oriental side of the chakras, with the occidental side of the seven sins, where both themes result in this balance/imbalance of the human being.

Being a São-Paulo based band, why did Kamala initially take on a theme (Chakras) of Indian-Asian origins?

When I started the band, I always looked for a name with a strong and positive meaning. So when I read about the Hindu goddess Kamala, I knew I had found what I was looking for. Since then, we evolved around this identity, with Hindu elements in our image and sound, as long as it feels right and natural. Since we had these elements since the beginning, and because the chakras are connected to the number 7, it was one of the themes in this new album, together with the seven sins.

The Seven Deadly Chakras is Kamala’s third studio album release. Is the band satisfied with the outcome and attention from the press/media?

We still don’t know what to expect. We’re glad our audience is growing outside of Brazil and we’re still waiting for many reviews. But the album is still pretty recent, and so far we received a great amount of positive feedback from fans that listened to our songs on online radio stations. These are our first steps in conquering new ground with this record, and it is going great.

Let’s talk about a few tracks off the album, namely “Solar Plexus” and “Third-Eye”. These two tracks are incredibly put together – would the band consider them for a singles release?

Thank you for the compliment. For “Solar Plexus”, it will be our first single and we filmed the music video for it already, and it is currently being edited. We worked with Studio Kaiowas once again, with whom we worked for our last 3 videos. We’ve already been thinking about releasing “Third-Eye” as a single as well, but so far it’s still up in the air. Both songs work great live, and they always stand out at the reviews.

Kamala formed in 2003 but struggled to find a steady line-up of band members. Four changes and several years later, has the band become stable with the members?

Finally, yes! The first members aside from Raphael and Nicolas did not share the goal of truly making a statement in the Metal Scene and become a professional band. With our latest addition of Diego on Bass we finally have the 4 members of the band sharing the same goals, mindset, determination and passion to become a renowned metal band worldwide.

Sometimes it is thrash metal, progressive metal, groove metal or metalcore – Kamala has a range of styles and influences. Is this due to different personalities or a conscious effort to be different?

It’s a bit of both. We never restricted ourselves to any style, and each one of us has a range of different influences. We also strive to make something new, different, and that each one of us is happy with the outcome.

When ‘heavy metal from São-Paulo’ is mentioned, the first band to come to mind is Sepultura. Kamala has performed alongside Angra, Paul Di’anno (ex-Iron Maiden) and Sepultura – what sort of impact does this have on the band?

It was a great honor to share the stage with these great artists. You always end up learning something to further improve your own performance. It was also really cool to hear that they enjoyed our show.

Speaking of São-Paulo, what is the heavy metal community like at the moment? Could you elaborate on the up-and-coming bands as well as the local support?

A few years ago, the whole Brazilian scene was really weak. But now the bands, promoters, and producers are working in a more professional matter. It is also great to see that more people are supporting the national acts, making the scene grow once again. But there is always something that can be improved.

St. Augustine once said, “Patience is the companion of wisdom”. As a band, what is your take on that quote?

We don’t believe in once in a lifetime opportunities. We work hard toward our goals, and whatever results from that, we earned it. There is no shortcut to success. You do have to be patient sometimes, learning and growing from your mistakes, which will make you a better person in the end. With the band, we had our lows, and now we understand why we weren’t ready at the time. But now everything just feels right and complete. This is our time!

What can we expect from Kamala, in terms of touring and shows in the near future and 2013?

Kamala is planning a tour outside of Latin America in 2013. We are currently negotiating a Western European tour during the festival season, but at the same time our audience is growing in North America as well, so we have to consider which one we should tour first. For Western Europe we already have the right contacts, but unfortunately not for North America. When we tour abroad we have to make sure everything is right, we want to give the fans the best show we can, and it also has to be worth it for us, to really get the word out.

Would Kamala like to add any final words?

We would like to thank all the people that gave us support and the overwhelming number of fans we have started to gain with the international release of our latest album!

Thank you!

Kamala – Official Website