Jucifer - NadirFor those of you who don’t know who Jucifer are, they play a sludgy/doomy/noisy/drony metal vibe and are from Georgia. They consist of husband and wife duo Amber Valentine and Edgar Livengood.  The band’s sound is kind of hard to describe but totally awesome, Edgar plays the drums and Amber sings and plays guitar. They have bass on their albums but don’t have any bass played in a live setting.  The band isn’t some simple female fronted band, but instead a rumbling and at times psychotic beast that is as heavy as the best of them. You won’t find any ballads or bodice-rippers here, just heavy as fuck metal.

Now “Nadir” is an EP that was originally recorded back in 1994 when the band lived in a termite infested house in Athens Georgia. The album was recently mastered by Scott Hull and released on Grindcore Karaoke‘s Bandcamp for free. Yes it’s free. 100% with no strings attached. No, it’s not just a streaming only release-You can stream it if you wish, but the album is available for an actual download that you can take anywhere you wish.  This is actually pretty cool as a fairly well-known band of Jucifer‘s size will rarely do something like this.

Now, as for the EP itself, it obviously doesn’t compare to their later albums such as “Calling All Cars on the Vegas Strip” or “If Thine Enemy Hungers” – the two best Jucifer albums in my opinion. However, that being said, Jucifer has always been a band that has released damn good albums and as result, this is still pretty damn good.

All of the songs are slow and rumbly with no pep to them whatsoever. A mountain of heaviness akin to the heaviest and slowest doom at times. However, despite the slow, heavy plodding, things never get dull. I swear I’ve listened to the album at least a dozen times now and still want to hear the damn thing over and over again. That being said, Jucifer fans will love this and even metalheads who have never heard the band before should like it. Either way, it’s free. So really what have you got to lose?

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