Jet Plane - All the Static StarsJet Plane are a post-rock band from Russia. As the reach and influence of the prime movers of the genre spreads across the globe, more musicians form bands to play in the style. As a reviewer the interest lies for me in seeing what they do with the basic sound, the raw clay if you will.

Jet Plane are approaching the genre on the traditional side, creating evocative, dramatic emotions with their sound. This has really come to be the core basis of the approach to post-rock songwriting. Jet Plane do it well, composing songs that even at their heights of crescendo err on a quieter, more delicate approach. Further reinforcing that take on the sound are the occasional light touches of strings and piano. “All The Static Stars” builds slowly as an album though, and by the time you reach the end the sense of drama and scale of the implied narrative has increased significantly.

“All The Static Stars” is an enjoyable album and worthy of the listener’s attention, particularly for fans of the genre. In general though, it remains in the boundaries of what is now convention in the post-rock genre. As a reviewer I am approaching the point where I’m comfortable with this approach, but looking to the future would like to see Jet Plane push the envelope more and move from a good band to a great one.

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