Issues - Black DiamondsIssues are one of the scene’s current buzz bands. I will admit when I first heard who they were and where they came from, I wasn’t particularly interested, that was until I heard them. Formed in the summer of this year, the band is made up largely of members of Woe Is Me, a band that I am still unfamiliar with. Issues on the other hand I’ve become very familiar with rather quickly thanks to the release of their debut EP “Black Diamond”.

Issues are what I imagine a metal band manufactured by Cash Money Records would sound like. I mean that in the best possible way, creating a sound that is similar in vein to Eskimo Callboy, they mix melodic auto-tuned sounding vocals with ferocious breakdowns. While lyrically covering themes of partying, sex and very little else, it may sound shallow on the surface and it is, but it is so much fun that you can almost forget the shallow nature of it and just shake your ass.

Mixing R&B and electronic elements into metal/hardcore is nothing new, bands have been doing it for years, hell Brokencyde made an entire career of doing a brain dead version of this type of thing for years now. The only difference between them and Issues is that Issues have a better, somewhat less vulgar, way with words, and a heightened sense of fun.

I urge anyone not to get down and take it to another level with ‘King of Amarillo’ and ‘Love.Sex.Riot’ which are both legitimate party starters. The title track is a little under two minutes and brings you straight into the Issues world, and believe me it’s a world you will want to spent a lot of your time in.

At 6 tracks, “Black Diamonds” is a teasing introduction to Issues, that brings the party, but also never outstays it’s welcome. Issues have been one of the bands to come out and take 2012 by the throat, it will be interesting to see where the band goes in 2013. Get ready though, the Issues revolution has begun.

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