Ion Vein - IV 1.0Ion Vein, Chicago metal, already a great start in my book. Anyone who knows me will know that I have an unhealthy love affair with Chicago area metal. Ion Vein has a brutal straight forward in your face style to their music. Frantic, fast paced, and spot on, these metallers from the Windy City are poised to make their mark with their EP, “IV 1.0”.

“1.0 opens” with ‘Enough’, a great power riff driven tune to say the lest. Great groove/power metal feel to it, hooks and catchy chorus. The drumming on this track is just amazing. Fast paced, great rolls and lines. Really creative work on the skins just adds to the overall feel of the song. Couple that drum work with great time changes that are spot on by all members and it just blows the listeners away.

‘Love Hate’, has another round of great drumming and power riffs. Add in the perfectly paced drumming at all speeds this track has some really break out guitar work. Both in solos and riffs the guitar really carries the emotion through this song. The vocals are executed on par with the drums and guitars yielding layers of complexity and depth for the listeners.

The closer, ‘Anger Inside’, carries to the end what was started in terms of pace and talent. There is real commitment by all members on this and all tracks on “1.0”. It is truly a treat for listeners to hear this kind of power and emotion from the artists. It lets us know that they truly value their craft and have something to say.

Ion Vein may be relatively unheard in the larger metal circles but based on this EP they have earned the right to be included in our metal library. These lads from the Chi-Town have established themselves here, and with this kind of talent lets hope it isn’t long before the rest of the world hears the name Ion Vein.

Ion Vein – Official Website