Inmoria - A Farewell To Nothing – The Diary Part 1Swedish power metal band Inmoria has two things going for them on their latest release “A Farewell To Nothing – The Diary Part 1”. One is sheer striking vocals from former Tad Morose front man, Ronny Hemlin. The other is brisk self-indulgent rhythm provided by Tommi Karppanen and Christer Andersson on the strings, Dan Eriksson on keys and Peter Moren on the drums.

Articulated and not-so-clean-singing Hemlin pushes forward a certain amount of grind on “A Farewell To Nothing – The Diary Part 1”. On average, power metal has harmonious smooth vocals but Hemlin introduces texture and ferocity. Furthermore, the feel of Inmoria is altered with a much darker backdrop. Perhaps, that is due to the marriage of traditional and modern musical elements.

“A Farewell To Nothing – The Diary Part 1” lists four re-released tracks with the new Inmoria line-up as well as eight new tracks. The noteworthy, riff heavy tracks are ‘Blinded’, ‘Just Another Lie’, ‘In My Dreams’ and ‘My Shadow Fal’”. The distinct fast-paced tight rhythm and roaring vocals immediately pull the listener into a sea of complex compositions. The track list meanders between raucous loud and then retreats to slow and subtle so nothing overwhelms the audience. The final track of the album entitled ‘Why’ is a much slower ‘Nightwish’ reminiscent track that is laced with classical rudiments and allows for a neat band exit.

To be exceedingly honest, the album took several listens before it clicked. The not-so-crisp background (perhaps due to recording quality) made it very difficult to listen to. There were a few places where the album dipped or rather it became static – that is when, as a listener, it is easy to become bored. Inmoria’s “A Farewell To Nothing – The Diary Part 1” has it’s high points and low points but it is a fair album with a healthy amount of grit and charm.

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