Inferion - Aborted By The SunInteresting story concerning the duo known as Inferion, a Miami, Florida based blackened death metal outfit, related to “Aborted By The Sun”. Iraq War Veteran (thanks for your service man) Nick Reyes, lost these recordings on a hard drive that went up in flames, then during army special forces selection and training these recordings were found in a tough box in a storage unit. So while training. Nick re-recorded some drums, bass, and a few vocals and here is the result. Lets be honest a tough as nails veteran playing death metal it just has to be brutal, right?

Brutal, check; non-stop driving aggression, check; relentless, check; this EP though short delivers that aural assault we all come to know, love and expect from out blackened death dealers. The “irony” of this being delivered from someone is special forces training certainly is not lost. After a brief opening of nice spooky drone, we are dropped right into the firestorm that is the title track. It starts full fury and really doesn’t relent until the last note of this EP. It’s furious beats, riffage by the ton, and some rather well executed growls and screams let us know we are in for the long haul on this one. Caution to all continuing from this point forward may result in spinal and neck damage from resultant head banging.

‘Burning Away the Memory’ has a great opening not necessarily what one would expect but a really well seated riff. Similar to the unexpected tail end of ‘Imagine Me Geometry’ these two collections of riffs go a long way to showcase some of the creativity that this style desperately needs. In waves of sometimes mediocre type of material there comes along gems that show that Americans can do this and do it right.

If you have never heard Inferion start here, its a quick introduction to what Nick Reyes is capable of achieving. Brutal, well constructed and executed tracks. Handling the mixing and mastering duties or at least some of them, also goes a long way to accentuate his vision. “Aborted By The Sun” is certainly telling the world that Inferion may not be a household metal name but maybe they should be.

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