Incite-  All Out WarIncite’s frontman is Max Cavalera’s stepson Richie. As a 12 year old he sang ‘Bleed’ with Soulfly during OzzFest ’98. He’s recorded with both Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy since then, so even without Incite, he’s not exactly wet behind the ears. “All Out War” is Incite’s second album, and if their 2009 debut “The Slaughter” was a thrash warning shot… this Logan Mader produced record aims straight for the throat.

Richie Cavalera’s vocals are excellent, clinical and sandblasted, all wrapped up with the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the face. Opener ‘The Aftermath’ lays down the template; urgent, angry and in your face. Gene Macazan’s fretwork is solid, Luis Marrufo holds up the low end well and Zak Sofaly is machine-like with his tub pounding. However this could be a bit too much like the Richie Cavalera show, as he has the edge over his bandmates. ‘4ever Loko’ is a great track, but feels a little “thrash by numbers”, as if the rest of the band are merely going through the motions. ‘Feel The Flames’ adds more groove and finally lets the band come together as one, with some healthy nods towards Pantera.

These four are quality, make no bones about it, and there are some real quality tunes on here, ‘Hopeless’ is ominous and disturbing, altering the pace of the album. ‘Retaliation’ and ‘Exposed’ march through you, the latter being a short sharp shock, capable of rattling a few bones if delivered at the right volume.

So, it’s a great album right? Well, yes and no, but only if we’re being really picky…

It feels like an album from a band that has huge potential, but isn’t quite there yet. Cavalera by all means is the complete package, but the rest of the band give the impression they are still defining themselves. The guitar work is solid and efficient, but it’s a bit too sterile and inconspicuous. Macazan doesn’t stand out, and he needs to. He clearly has the ability, and it would be fantastic for him to really let rip. Perhaps he has been shackled by the overall prominence of Cavalera.

On the whole, it’s worth a punt. Incite will get bigger and stronger, and they thoroughly deserve to. Their recent support slot with Soulfly wont have done them any harm, and I would expect to see them at a few festivals in 2013.

With the the album just released through Minus Head, it’s worth chucking a copy in your Christmas stocking.

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