In This Moment - BloodIn This Moment are frustratingly inconsistent band, one that cant quite decide what type of band they want to be. Sometimes they want to be straight up heavy, some times they want to be pop rock and then there are times when they try and be both, which has resulted in them being so far unable to write a truly great record from start to finish. The closest they have come to doing anything that has truly showed any promise was on their sophomore album “The Dream,” however, things look all set to change with the release of the bands fourth album “Blood.”

Firstly, I want to address the vocals on this album, in the past vocalist Maria Brink has showcased that she does have great melodic voice, admittedly it is a little sugary at times, but   most of the time it works well. Where she falters is in her harsh vocals, she simply cannot cut it, instead putting in a guttural performance akin to the likes of Angela Gossow or Candace Kucsulain she opts for more of a screech which has always been the most grating thing about this band, and her in general, however, that seems to have been toned down quite considerably this time around and the majority of the vocals seem to be clean here, which is a great direction for the band to go in.

The second thing that is noticeable with “Blood,” that was sorely missing from the bands previous album “A Star Crossed Wasteland,” is memorable tunes, there are some genuinely great hooks on this album, and some really anthemic tunes to be found here. The title track itself is a typical In This Moment track and is a guaranteed live show riot starter, ‘Scarlet,’ ‘Whore,’ ‘From the Ashes’ and ‘You’re Going to Listen’ are also all anthems in waiting that hark back to the earlier days of the bands career.

There is a darkness that washes over the album, with a lot of dark topics being addressed, clearly influenced by things in Brink‘s life, which if I’m honest seems to provide the band with its best material. The moments on this album where Maria Brink stands front and center and truly lets herself bleed out are among some of the best moments on the album, as well as some of the best moments in the bands career as a whole.

Lyrically, thematically and musically this may be the bands finest moment to date, there is not one song on here that feels out of place or threatens to choke the album or overshadow anything else. It’s taken the band a long time to find their voice, but it appears as though they have finally found it and “Blood” is a testament to In This Moment as a band that they have managed to deliver on all the promises they made with their debut album back in 2007.

Here is hoping that the band can use this to springboard themselves to even higher highs in the future, but In this moment right here and now, its looking more and more like the band In This Moment may finally take over the world.

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