Illdisposed - Sense The DarknessThere are few certainties in life, except death, taxes and a new record by Illdisposed that doesn’t stride too far from the previous one. The band surrounding Bo “Subwoofer” Summers has been around since the early nineties and they’re known for releasing solid, yet not very flashy albums. Their latest effort, entitled “Sense The Darkness”, may be one of the better Illdisposed records…

On this album the keyboards and clean vocals are thrown out of the window and the focus is squarely back on the groovy bone breaking death metal these Danes are known for since the “Submit” and “There’s Something Rotten..In The State Of Denmark” days. A smart move, because the keyboard didn’t really fit the material on the previous album really well. The addition of some more faster tracks, like “Eyes Popping Out”, “Never Compromise” and She’s Undressed” gives “Sense The Darkness” a nice aggressive edge. Oddly enough those songs have this Hypocrisy vibe to them.

Illdisposed’s main speciality is writing groovy mid tempo songs which have all the hooks to die for, but they’re delivered with the typical brawn only Summers and Co can deliver. “Time To Dominate”. “Stop Running” and “War” are perfect examples in that regard. The groove-orientated songs work in perfect tandem with the faster material. This gives “Sense The Darkness” a lot of additional drive and venom. Put the band’s astute sense for melody and Bo’s trademark subwoofer-like growls and you know you’re in for one hell of a ride.

“Sense The Darkness” is blessed with a modern yet gritty sound with the emphasis firmly on the guitars and drums. Producer Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Mnemic) did a great job in capturing the overall aggression and energy and translating that in a solid sonic foundation.

The latest Illdisposed offering doesn’t offer any real new viewpoints on the band’s trademark sound, but then again there’s no need for something like that either. “Sense The Darkness” captures Bo Summers and Co at what they best, namely creating rowdy melodic death metal cast into memorable songs with a nasty raw edge. Solid album!

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