When vocalist ZP Theart left Dragonforce many people were left wondering what he would do next? However, not a man to rest on his laurels he went and found himself a new band I AM I and has returned with a new found confidence. With their debut album “Event Horizon” garnering critical acclaim across the board and a well placed spot on this years Bloodstock Festival, the future looks good for ZP and his band of merry men. ThisIsNotAScene were on hand to catch up with guitarist Jacob Ziemba and bassist Neil Salmon to have a bit of a chin wag and shed some light on I AM I.

You guys have just come off the stage. How do you feel it went?

Neil: I feel like it went excellent, the biggest audience we’ve ever played to, excellent.

Were you at all worried when you looked at the line up and saw some of the heavier bands on the bill, were you concerned there might be a possible hostile reaction to you guys?

Neil: No, its more stepping over a line, growing up with certain bands and then going on the same stage as them for the first time, for me its a big step over from what I have been doing in the past, I’ve done a lot of session work but this is the start of a new thing for us. We’ve got a few things in the pipeline and we hope the future is going to be very successful.

Jacob: I think we knew were going to stick out a bit musically compared to the other bands, but we still rocked it.

I think you’re one of the few bands this weekend that isn’t singing about Satan, Goats heads and all kinds of other weird shit? [Laughs]

Neil: To each their own at the end of the day.

I AM I is a new band and this question is twofold. How did you guys get together, and do you think that ZP’s past with Dragonforce helps or hinders you as a band?

Neil: I’d say we’ve definitely benefited from his past.

Jacob: Obviously people know Z from Dragonforce and the few albums he did with them, but the plan all along was to do something different to Dragonforce, I think we did well.

I think it has worked well. When you listen to the album “Even Horizon,” you can tell its a much different band. He sounds more confident, and you sound confident behind him. Was there a lot of pressure on you guys when you wrote the album?

Neil: It was mostly Jacob that did the writing for it, we all just put our own little touches on it.

Jacob: I had my own project that didn’t work out and ZP gave me a call saying he was looking for bandmates, and he asked me to jump in and here we are I AM I. Since the very beginning we’ve focused on very melodic stuff, catchy choruses and that kind of thing.

Its like you say there’s the melody but also a lot of a harder edge to it as well.

Jacob: Yeah, we’ve taken a lot of influence from all the 80’s bands with the melody, and then the power from the more modern bands. There’s one song that sounds like Bon Jovi, then we have one that sounds like Helloween. The target was to make music for everyone that all types of people could enjoy.

Neil: I hope when you buy the album, you enjoy every last song on it.

I know you guys are a bit pressed for time, so in closing do you have any final comments for everyone.

Neil: Prepare for I AM I, we are coming to a city near you very very soon. September 17th the album “Event Horizon” gets a physical release. Check us out, we are coming.

I Am I – Official Website