Hyperdump - Rational PainThe wonderfully named Hyperdump hail from France and straight from the off their debut full-length album “Rational Pain” lets you know where it’s coming from, and that place is somewhere between the post-nu metal landscape of the early part of the last decade and the heavier rumblings of (gulp!) metalcore.  If the review ended there you would probably know what you were getting as there are very few surprises here, despite the band’s claims of sonic experimentation.

But that isn’t to say that it’s terrible.  ‘Waves of Nothingness’ has beatdowns and thrashy passages in abundance and although that may not be the most original thing in the world it is played with a bit of heart and a rhythm section as tight as the country’s budget.  Put it this way, there’s more going on in this one song than the whole of Caliban’s latest album.

‘Breaking Life’ also has a bit of life in it, switching from bouncy grooves to all out Anthrax-inspired thrash without missing a beat, and the headbanging stomp of ‘Pig Song’ is also a standout; the obviously think so as they’ve included an acoustic version as the closing track.

But unfortunately it’s the bits in between these shining moments that drag the album into water-treading territory.  The band cite Faith No More and Strapping Young Lad as their influences, and on the surface you can hear that, but that’s really like saying that you’re inspired by Slayer and just playing fast and shouting ‘SATAN!!!’ – not really the whole picture, is it?

“Rational Pain” isn’t totally bad and what the band play is played with obvious joy.  But despite their claims of diversity and experimentation, there isn’t a lot of depth here and you’ll find your finger hovering near the skip button more often than not.

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