Huron - War PartyI greatly appreciate the straight, laced riffage of Huron’s “War Party” release. The thrash metal EP offers four head banging tracks – each ferocious, gruelling and equally pleasing. Huron, a Plymouth based band are no spring chickens to the metal scene – in fact they were formally introduced as the Pantera imitators but that has been cast off into the distance as the band builds up their own style and technique.

The impressive high production values, notable energetic atmosphere and simple rhythms form a fierce EP for Huron. The first track off “War Party” has bold licks, solid guitars and brazen drums. The vocals are crude yet focussed and ready to clutch the listener in a thrash induced coma. The highlight track from the EP is “Room 174”, the fast-paced drums and guitars add a generous dollop of angst and thunder. The best riffage bleeds from this track and the simple unfussy melodies keep the track moving.

The good thing about Huron is that they aim to create straightforward heavy metal – the samples, fillers and over-compensating rhythms are left out and the short “War Party” EP gives an audience clear cut traditional metal. When was the last time that you immersed yourself in undemanding music?

As mentioned earlier, it is straight, pure and good old moshing madness. Huron deserves a bolting 7.5/10 for “War Party.” Hopefully, part two is just as thunderous.

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