Horseback and Locrian - New DominionsThe original collaboration between Jenks Miller’s droney experimental outfit Horseback and Locrian’s doomed noisescapes saw a release in September of last year and this expanded edition of “New Dominions” being reissued by Relapse Records now features two extra tracks and a remix of the deeply disturbing first song, ‘The Gift’ by James Plotkin (super producer, terrific musician).

Horseback and Locrian are a perfect nightmare partnership; both sit within the realm of uneasy listening and their ability to enclose the listener in a cloak of absolute darkness and take over their entire mind with images of apocalyptic wastelands and pure emptiness is overwhelming in its destructive nature. These two bands combine to coil their synthesised doom over Jenks Miller’s curious cadence, his voice full of strange and otherworldly vibrations that conjure terrible depictions of the most sinister kind on ‘Our Epitaph.’ The track gradually spins out from Miller’s unsettling vocal line into a drone that is repetitive and unnaturally hypnotic. The layers of electronic sound move together and build slowly, constantly moving towards the end of the song and changing subtly every now and then. It’s hardly noticeable and the effect is mesmerisingly eerie.

The new tracks being released this time around are similarly disturbing and play to the strengths of both Horseback and Locrian in that they draw you in whilst simultaneously creeping you out. It’s devilishly clever and somewhat concerning when you realise how invested you are in this horror and Horseback and Locrian drag you ever deeper into their experimental noise with each passing second. At this point, it’s entirely too late to burn back and the final track ‘The Gift (Remix)’ twists and turns it’s dastardly machine gun blast around crescendos of sound that dip and fall as the song progresses into ever increasing psychosis. This release is chillingly enthralling and distressingly essential.

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