Holy Moses - In The Power Of NowHands up if you can name a female-fronted thrash metal band – done?  Now keep your hands up if you didn’t say Arch Enemy.  Oh, not many hands left.  Didn’t anybody think of Holy Moses?

German thrashers Holy Moses celebrate 30 years of making some truly fearsome thrash metal with this double album of re-recorded material from their back catalogue. Revisiting old material can be a bit of a double-edged sword for bands; on the one hand it brings together songs from different eras and gives them all the same performance and production values and can essentially make an excellent ‘greatest hits’-type package – just listen to Testament‘s storming “First Strike Still Deadly” as an example.

On the other hand, an album is a snapshot of a band at a particular moment in time and trying to recapture those youthful glories can result in decent songs sounding a bit flat and tired – Iron Maiden redoing songs off of their debut album during the late 1980’s is proof of that.

Luckily “30th Anniversary – In the Power of Now” falls in with the former example and provides two discs worth of quality thrash metal all played with tremendous fury, and it also gives us two new songs in the shape of ‘Borderland’ and ‘Entering the Now’ which fit right in amongst the more established songs.

As this is essentially a ‘best of’ then a track-by-track run-down would be pointless, seeing as all the tracks are deemed to be pretty good by default, but for anybody who has an appreciation of brutal thrash metal in the same vein as Slayer, Exodus, Sepultura, Testament, Kreator or Arch Enemy will find plenty to get excited about here. Just remember who was doing it first…

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