Hierosonic – Consciousness, Fame, God, Money, PowerWith nearly a decade of musical experience under their belt, Pennsylvanian Alternative Rock band Hierosonic is showing that time serves you well with their new album “Consciousness, Fame, God, Money, Power” courtesy of Soundmine Music Works. Renowned for their incredible live performances which earned them support slots with the stars in Incubus, Jane’s Addiction, 30 Seconds to Mars, Audioslave, The Used, Lacuna Coil and Halestorm, there is nothing but high hopes for this album and the future of this band.

The first impression of this album with the opening track ‘Slave Machine’ was “It sounds a bit like old school Fall Out Boy” except Fall Out Boy could never come up with a song with as much heart and soul behind it as Hierosonic have here. With the exciting party track playing behind the flawless vocals, this is just one song on the album that shares a subtle message deep within its lyrics.

With the trudging, deep riffs and the catchy choruses of ‘The Media Taught You That,’ it doesn’t take a genius to see why MTV decided to play this track. With the head banging verses with scratchy vocals over punching beats. This song is what clubs should be playing instead of auto-tuned generic pop that infects our ear canals on a day to day basis.

Songs like ‘Tongues’ and ‘Paradox’ sound a bit like 30 Seconds To Mars, with raucous drum beats and roaring baselines. With thunderous guitars and dream like vocals, you feel like your drifting off into this void of nightmares.  As beautifully written as the lyrics are, they can be quite terrifying when you look into them too deeply.

Arguably the best track on the album is their ballad ‘Baphomet.’ Not because of the over powering sensation you get from the electronic, dance groove. Or the raw baselines that grind away in the background behind the elegant vocals of Ben Stewart that act as though they are floating above the melodies. But because of the incredible lyrics, telling a heartfelt story of religion and how we are destroying our own happiness in this world. With the lyrics:

“Let’s turn the world into a porn. Let’s rape the world like we don’t love it anymore, but when we’re through, we’ll come back for you and burn…”

…before chanting the infamous Buddhist chant “Om namo bhagavate Vasudevaya”which translates to “Surrender to Krishna (Buddhist God)” overly leaving you in a state of awe and fascination.

‘Dance To The War’ is another song that delivers these exceptionally well written lyrics:

Send the babies in. They’ll be dropping like flies. You can call it prosperity or call it what you like. Say the numbers make the death tolls look too high, but there’s two things that never change, even if you try,”

….leaving you in this irresistible state of nostalgia, as if frozen in time.

This is what all emo bands should be learning from. You can sing about slitting your wrists and heart break all you want, but if you want to make some affect, try singing about war and children suffering, as this is something that grabs your heart so tightly it hurts and leaves you thinking about everything that is wrong in this world.

It takes a great artist to come up with some of the lyrics in this album, with each song telling a story of its own, and each having a powerful yet saddening moral. This album doesn’t just offer great music, but it leaves you utterly breathless. You might want to sit down; this one’s got one hell of a sucker punch.

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