Hellish Outcast - Your God Will BleedThere’s an incoming aural assault all the way from Bergen, Norway in the form of death metal thrashers Hellish Outcast. They debuted at last year’s Bloodstock Open Air Festival and caught a lot of positive feedback with their set. They are now ready to unleash their debut album “Your God will Bleed,” through Transcend Music. The album title itself pulls no punches could and gives you a pretty good idea of what you might expect.

Hellish Outcast consists of a quartet of metal excellence: Thebon (Vocals), Alkolust (Drums), Max Morbid (Bass), and Martin Legried (Guitars). The band mixes death metal style with a very slight edge of sludge, just to give a groovy tempo to the perfect guitar riffs. The vocals are guttural, with some primal screams placed in between to give a more dynamic structure. Every verse, interlude and chorus is followed by brutal ballads and crushing riffs, giving this album energy, ferociousness and chaos. There’s a resemblance in the music to some well-known bands such as: Testament, Venom and Down.

The first highlight of “Your God will Bleed” is the track, ‘The View, So Disgusting,’ which has a fantastic intro that Thebon screams over, before the double bass drum beat explodes into life. The interlude towards the end has an almost progressive, intoxicating and gentle ballad, before the track finishes with the same intense verse.

Secondly, there is the track Genocide, which is fast and intense throughout, a concoction of torturous screams, guttural growls and energetic structures. The guitar and bass riffs have almost a black metal feel to them, which somehow flow comfortably alongside the trash paced drumming.

Ten Times Stronger, has a hint of a sludge metal structure that shows the band’s ingenuity  and also what they may have been inspired by. As outlandish as the track may seem, when compared to the rest of the album and genre they are representing, but it works brilliantly and I applaud them for showing no fear with a track that has been implemented so well and so flawlessly.

Taking on board on what each track has given to the album and having listened to the various sounds and structures, Hellish Outcast has not disappointed. What they have brought to the table for their debut album can only be taste of things yet to come. Do not hesitate to give Hellish Outcast a listen for yourself. I really appreciated the album and reflecting on its variations throughout, which made it so interesting to review.

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