If you listened really closely you could hear the sound of the Bloodstock elitists heads exploding Scanners style the second Hatebreed were announced for this years festival. Yes, Hatebreed, who aren’t a goat slaughtering corpse paint wearing death metal band, or a leather clad balls in a vice power metal band… what they are however is a fucking great hardcore band, who also happen to crush live.

Sandwiched in between the returning Sanctuary and Testament, Hatebreed had a bit of a fight on there hands, but if you know anything at all about theses boys then you’ll know they thrive on adversity and they usually overcome it pretty well.

So, how does a band that is the black sheep of the weekend overcome those kind of odds? By rolling a set crammed full of ragers obviously, you literally couldn’t move during Hatebreed‘s set without being hit in the face with a stone cold tune. I know it’s easy to forget just how many great songs Jamey Jasta and crew have but when they toss out the likes of ‘In Ashes they Shall Reap’, ‘The Hands of a Dying Man’, ‘Live for This’ and the closing double dose of ‘I Will Be Heard’ and ‘Destroy Everything’ you realise just what a powerful back catalogue they have.

Jamey Jasta remains one of the most endearing and hard working front-men in modern metal, he knows exactly how to get an audience to move and works today’s crowd like a master, commanding pits, sing-alongs and just good old fashioned bro downs during the course of the bands set.

As for the trolls, well they were clearly nowhere to be found on this occasion, as Hatebreed had some of the biggest pits as well as one of the biggest crowds of the weekend, which goes a long way to proving not only what a great band they are, but also that open mindedness in our sub subculture is still alive and well.

Hatebreed walked into potentially hostile and through sheer will and determination they were once again able to not only rise above, but absolutely dominate in the process, delivering a set full of classics that provided the perfect soundtrack to a Saturday night.

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Photos taken by Sabrina Ramdoyal