Hatcham Social - About GirlsThe alternative quartet from London who go by the name of Hatcham Social are hitting the nation by storm after topping the Ar-trocker’s Top Ten singles of the year chart in 2010, followed by a track on a ‘Gruff Trade’ compilation CD a year later.

Now, just when you think they’ve finished, they’re back and their soaring to new levels. After having the UK already under their wing, the band is taking on the rest of the world with their new album “About Girls” which hit the shelves on April14th. This is the follow up from their high acclaimed “You Dig The Tunnel, I’ll Hide The Soil” album which scored high marks across the board from critics.

A generous thirteen tracks are given on this album which the band say this is “less layered” and more “playful” than their previous work, and their opening track ‘NY Girl’ only justifies this with one show stopping party anthem that blows down all doors. With the catchy guitars that resemble riffs by Angus Young on top of the shake of a tambourine and heart felt lyrics, this is an energetic and lively track that kicks off this album with a bang.

With summer fast approaching, you want that ultimate surfer song to take down to the beach with you. ‘Shut Your Mouth’ is that song. Rumbling, raunchy guitars play over the poppy beat, this track is perfect for all your summer party’s.  When the evening cools, the heart-warming ballads play as the lyrics of ‘Nicola Tells Me’ takes you back to the 60s with a tranquil love/hate ballad with smooth beats and acoustic guitars.

Other tracks that stand out on this album is ‘I Look Like A God When You Dance’ and ‘All Summer Long’ which offer nothing but none stop party anthems and summer tunes which put a smile on your face, with those poptastic riffs and bouncy baselines, there is barely a weak point in these tracks.

If Franz Ferdinand were around in the 60s, this is what they would sound like. If you’re a fan of old fashioned indie pop you will love Hatcham Social. There is a relatively old school feel about this album with its 60s rock n roll inspired guitar riffs but the modern day indie vocals bring this band up to scratch with a more modern tone. This album can easily be summed up in three words: fun, funky and fresh.

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