Co-authored by Sabrina Ramdoyal and Phill ‘Krav’ Krawiec.

As if the Thursday and Friday line-up  at Hammerfest IV wasn’t enough to finish us off, they only went and filled Saturday up with monster bands just to make sure we all go home in a zombie-like state…

If TeamTINAS survived the debauchery that is bound to happen on Friday night, you will find them, no doubt nursing delicate heads, watching the following:

Stage One – Metal On Metal

Hell (18-00 – 19-00)



Don’t be fooled by the name. Hell will definitely raise …. Er, Hell. After releasing their vicious debut “Human Remains” album and with their constant touring from the 1980’s onwards, there is no stopping the Derbyshire heavyweights from sending their viewers to murky depths of the dark with their redefining occult sounds.

The press didn’t get their sound earlier but, this time, there won’t be any second guessing to what they’re really made of when Hell demolishes those in their way.

Wizard (19-15 – 20-15)

All the way from Bocholt Germany, let’s make way for the Power Metal band Wizard. Wizard has been on the metal music scene since 1989 producing six thunderous albums and inspiring many fans to this day. Their music and lyrics are of battle, tales and a discovery, that’s why they would make you hold your head high, clench your fists and stand tall and go forth into a pride of battle for the glory of Heavy Metal.

Dream Evil

Dream Evil

Dream Evil (20-30 – 21-30)

When the dominating Dream Evil controls the stage, don’t be shy to get your power metal on! From their beginnings in 1999 to present day, with their successful “In The Night” album, and a new album for this year, the Swedes have been going from strength to strength, with each album they’ve brought forth to the metal world.

When the words “Bang your head” echo of walls, a unison of arms and beers will connect Hammerfest IV in perfect harmony. Don’t forget to practice your power voice, you’re going to need it!

Amon Amarth (21-50 – 23-00)

Amon Amarth

Amon Amarth

Just before the headliners on the main stage comes the bearded metal frenzy of Amon Amarth. The Swedish five piece bring Viking tales to Wales as they continue their tour in support of last year’s excellent “Surtur Rising” album.

This year the band are celebrating their twentieth anniversary too, and no other band on the bill this year fit into the ‘Hammer of Thor’ theme better than these.

Skindred (23-20 – 00-40)

After a few years of blinding mid afternoon sets at Download and Sonisphere and getting on big tours supporting the likes of Rob Zombie, I have always been surprised that Skindred’s own tours aren’t bigger. Now, it seems it is finally time for them to step up and headline a festival, and where better than Wales for this momentous occasion.

The Newport crossover crew have spent the last decade as one of the best live bands this country has to offer and the chance to bring their unique brand of chaos to Pontins is one that will no doubt become a very memorable set. The Newport helicopter will arrive on the main stage on Saturday night with the sole aim of getting everyone in the room bouncing, and there is a fair chance Skindred will do just that, not to be missed.

Criminal (01-00 – 02-00)

Last but not least, the final band of the preview will be the Trash/Death metal band Criminal . First formed in Santiago, Chile they have been dominating internationally since the 90’s and have chord shredded along-side some major legends such as: Kreator, Slayer, Sepultura and even Motorhead to name a few. I think it’ll be one hell of a show for this band to complete an unforgettable night.

Stage Two – Hammer Hounds – Part I (Alternative Metal)

Chemicals of Democracy

Chemicals of Democracy

Chemicals of Democracy (12-00 – 12-45)

Saturday’s stage two will also have another great new band coming all the way from Phoenix, Arizona, Chemicals of Democracy. The quintet will be blasting from their amps some incredible Metal and Hard Rock tunes that will definitely get those heads banging and hair swinging. So get the beers down you, raise your horns high and embrace the oncoming storm of Metal that they’ll be powering out.

Sworn Amongst (15-00 – 16-00)

Hull based thrashers Sworn Amongst have spent the last few years tirelessly touring the UK and Europe in support of recent critically acclaimed albums and are returning to the Hammerfest IV stage once again to get the pits moving.

Senser (17-20 – 18-00)

The sound of politically charged metal and hip hop concoctions reveal that Senser are a band with a reputable name in the metal scene that will excite old fans and intrigue fresh observers. When it was announced that Senser had split, after travelling extensively round the world, it was quite a shock. But, back with a vengeance with their fourth outstanding opus “How To Do Battle” and the familiar Limp Bizkit cited Senser as their influences, Hammerfest IV will be in for a delight.

Stage Two – Hammer Hounds – Part II (Thrash Lords)



Mortad (20-45 – 21-25)

The name Somi Arian is on everyone’s tongues when she and the lads from the blistering Mortad ignite the festival. Spitting words of the government and hypocrisy coinciding with the bombastic chimes of death metal, they’re not afraid to stand above the bloodshed.

Mortad just released their debut “The Myth Of Purity” as part of the significant Metal Hammer CD cover mount, this will give Hammerfest IV a taste of the their antagonistic presence in full force.

Elimination (22-45 – 23-35)

Two fruitful albums of compromising melody and violence with persistent touring and broadcasting “Elimination is coming ….”, you better believe that Elimination are  going to whip Hammerfest IV into a feeding frenzy, with face-melting songs and outstanding stage presence. When the Ipswich assembly signed with the much respected label Transcend Music, their new mission is to take their loud status to new heights and to demonstrate why their music is highly respected in the British metal scene.

Savage Messiah

Savage Messiah

Savage Messiah (01-40 – 02-30)

The time for thrash metal has come to take their viewers for the ride. London thrashers Savage Messiah have been hitting the waves with nothing but confident reviews from corner to corner by their recent opus “Plague of Conscience”.

Having just performed to their audiences in HMV’s Next Big thing in both London and more recently Manchester, the thrashers are determined to bring Saturday and the festival to a cataclysmic close!


Stage Three – Metal Forge

Oaf (12-00 – 12-40)



Make way for the cavalry of noise! For the second time, Hammerfest’s recognisable screamers Oaf will take to the Third Stage, a great start to Saturday’s festivities. Chucking out their punk rock, and surprisingly jazz power with witty venom, the Brighton two-piece are determined to spread some obnoxious pleasure to all.

Releasing their to-be-announced album sometime soon, be aware to bring your earplugs and cellotape them in real tight as Oaf are set to melt ears …. and faces!

Collapse (12-55 – 13-35)

Collapse have created a name for themselves as they’ve toured with some of the biggest metal names in DevilDriver, GWAR and Sodom. They also played the big stages like their 2011 Download Festival performance and with a debut album to be released later this year, the only way is up for Collapse. With their art of precise shredding and brutal stage presence, you need look no further when Collapse hit the floor.

Dripback (15-45 – 15-30)

Blending hardcore, death and grind metal into one foul noise, London’s fierce Dripback are equipped to bring the crowds pure aggression. Having toured with immense names such as The Rotted, Biohazard, Soilent Green and an EP produced by commendable producer Russ Russell, this will be the band that seriously needs to take note to let go, have a grand time and forget about the injuries until later.