Halestorm - The Strange Case Of....Three things you need to know about Halestorm:

  1. They have a ridiculously attractive and talented frontwoman in Lizzy Hale.
  2. They are amazing.
  3. They will take over the world in 2012.

Review over…  No, I’m just kidding, there’s a lot more to talk about than those three things. Halestorm have been making waves over in the U.S for a number of years now and are now starting to build traction over here, in December 2010 they opened up for Disturbed, Buckcherry and Papa Roach on the Taste of Chaos tour, earlier this year they signed to Roadrunner Records, toured with Shinedown and unleashed their new album “The Strange case of….” which will be the focus of this  review.

“The Strange Case Of….” is the follow up to the bands self titled debut which came out in 2010, and it is an entirely different animal altogether. Album opener, ‘Love Bites (So do I)’ kings things off in typically upbeat style, with a sharp riff and great hook from Lizzy, as she promises to the be the girl you won’t soon forget, before you’ve had time to catch your breath, you’re hit with ‘Mz Hyde’ and ‘Miss the Misery,’ the former is a dark brooding number about duality and is a great play on the theme of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, whereas the latter is the ultimate breakup song, that no doubt will be a staple of the bands live set for the foreseeable future.

‘Freak like me’ is probably the most anthemic song on the album, with its driving riff and call to arms chorus, it is destined to become Halestorm‘s unofficial anthem from here on in, but then the album turns and we are treated the ballad laced mid section with the triple threat of ‘Beautiful with you’ ‘In your room’ and ‘Break in’ its a drastic change in pace that nearly derails the momentum the band had been  building with the opening four tracks.

With that said ‘Beautiful with you’ is probably one of the best songs the band has ever penned and Lizzy really shows off her vocal range, same with ‘Break in’ both of which display the stripped down emotional depths that Lizzy can take her voice, both songs are beautiful and veer away from the usual schmultz found in releases like this. ‘In your room’ is probably the weakest of the bunch and seems a little like filler, in fairness it could have been dropped and helped with the pacing of the album.

The albums third act sees Lizzy in a particularly playful mood with songs about kicking ass, ‘Daughters of Darkness,’ not giving a shit, ‘You call me a bitch, like its a bad thing,’ and kissing boys, ‘American Boys,’ it’s a great way to round the album out and make sure that things go out on a bit more of an upbeat note, even the closing track ‘Here’s to us’ is more upbeat than the ballads that proceeded it.

“The Strange Case Of….” is a fantastic album and one that shows how far Halestorm have come as a band in a few short years, displaying their maturity and versatility as a band, make no mistake about it Halestorm are going to be huge, so now is the time to get involved, before they return to these shores in September for a full UK tour.

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