Halestorm – Zippo Encore Stage (Second Stage) – Saturday 12:30 – 12:55

After 3 days of rain, rain and more rain you would think that the last thing the Download faithful would be anticipating is a storm, but that’s exactly what is happening on Saturday morning, as the rather sizeable crowd gathered around the Zippo Encore stage is waiting for Halestorm to make their appearance.

Fronted by the gorgeous and insanely talented Lzzy Hale, the band looks set to wake the early risers up with a half hour of attitude filled rock, failing that I’m sure Lzzy has a few tricks up her sleeves for early rising. From the moment the band takes to the stage they are fired up and ready to go, hitting hard and fast with a storming (no pun intended) rendition of ‘Love Bites (So Do I)’ leading the charge into a run through of the first quarter of the bands new album “The Strange Case Of…”.

The newer material displayed here today works well in the live arena, showing just how far Halestorm have come in a very short time, ‘Mz Hyde’ and ‘I Miss The Misery’ in particular show off the bands harder edge, where as ‘Freak Like Me’ perfectly demonstrates the band’s penchant for anthems. Today’s set also shows that Halestorm work better as the sum of their collective parts as opposed to just hinging everything on the looks of their front woman, Halestorm are an incredibly tight live band who interact perfectly with each other, whether it be the animal on steroids playing of drummer Arejay Hale, the Bambi on ice crossed with Angus Young stage moves of Lzzy, even the collective cool that oozes from Josh and Joe, there is always something to look at on stage to keep your interest. It’s clear that time on the road with the likes of Papa Roach, Shinedown and Stone Sour has greatly benefited the band  as well as their live performance.

Rounding their set out with fan favourites ‘I Get Off’ and ‘It’s Not You,’ Halestorm have taken another massive step in their evolution, further propelling themselves into the big leagues, make no mistake about it when the dust has settled on 2012, this year will have belonged to Halestorm, and only an idiot will miss the chance to catch these guys live when they head back our way in September.

Halestorm Download 2012 setlist:

Love Bites (So Do I)
Mz. Hyde
I Miss the Misery
Freak Like Me
It’s Not You
I Get Off

Photograph by Giles Smith Photography