The last night of the tour is usually something special, a celebration of time spent on the road with their brothers and sisters in arms and tonight at the Soundhouse in Leicester was no exception. Hacktivist and Visions had spent the last week together hitting the length and breadth of the UK.

Local bands Glory Of A Dead Man and Icons provided the entree, suitably warming up the sizable crowd for the frenzy that was about to be unleashed. The stage was cleared, gear was marched in and out, the music faded and the lights dimmed…Visions took to the stage and within 30 seconds had blown the previous two bands off the face of the planet. The raw energy exuding from the stage was immense, front man Daniel Bareford delivering his mix of ferocious screams and more sedate vocals whilst guitarists Jake Monson and Dan Maywood pummeled the crowd with scything riffs, ably backed by the rhythm section of Dave Evans (bass) and Joe Large (drums).

Visions played a mixture of tracks from their recent EP “Demur” and their debut album “Home”, during their relatively short but sweet set. The crowd were now straining at the leash waiting for headliners Hacktivist, whose recent eponymous EP has sent waves through the music community, dividing opinion as is the norm when something new comes around.

Hacktivist had their fingers hovering on the button as they entered the stage, and they pressed it as they began their blistering set. The familiar djent ambient intro was soon over and the room exploded with flailing limbs and bouncing bodies and the main riffs and vocals erupted from the PA system. Rappers J Hurly and Ben Marvin lapped up the atmosphere created by the scenes unfolding before them, stood front and centre as they spat the vocals at the maelstrom below.

The 8 strings of Timfy James grinding out the riffs whilst Josh Gurner (bass) added hos own 6-string salvo to the mix, all the time kept in check by the drums of Rich Hawking. James also adding the haunting clean vocals to further enhance the Hacktivist experience.

Reminiscent of early crossover pioneers Senser and One Minute Silence, Hacktivist replace the nu-metal elements with djent and double the number of rappers to effectively carve out their own niche in today’s music scene. Playing all the tracks from their recently released self-titled EP, Hacktivist, despite being relative newcomers, put on a hell of a show. They even treated the crown to their cover of ‘Niggas In Paris’, which was huge and went down seriously well with the crowd. Ending the night on a high note the guys in Visions joined Hackivist on stage as the final track was coming to an end, clearly sharing a bond built up on the tour.

As the crowd dispersed, there was blood, sweat and maybe even a few tears but more than anything there was smiles etched across the faces of all, band and crowd alike. A top evening!

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