Gurt - RedwinNow, as some of us might know, sludge metal has been a genre kicked to the side and never really tickled many taste buds, however, slowly but surely it has made a slow come back and I think Gurt are ready to prove it by mixing blues and doom for an unusual metal concoction.

The band was formed in London UK, Gurt have been showing off their talents to unsuspecting Metal-heads for almost 2 years. Now, let’s get started on there up and coming 2nd album “Redwin”. First of all I have never been much of a big fan of sludge metal but with this album my views will definitely change, as I progress further into why. Their music has a wide variety of slow and deep guitar riffs including the heavy beats of the drums that gel nicely together, which can have been only produced by Jamie McCathie (guitar), John Hughes (Bass) and followed closely by Simon Edwards (drums). Within that we have the primal screams coming from frontman Gareth Kelly who can provide some serious punches in the songs and rage infested bellowing.

The first track of the album, called ‘Swoffle,’ has some interesting styles mixed into one complete fist flying, hair swinging, teeth clenching piece of amazement. When you carefully listen to the doom style riff and the drumming, it gives a clear pace to the melody, drawing you into a mind control battle with reality.

Next track ‘Shell,’ has a very jump up and down beat to begin which then flows into a slow groove and back again which is clever and can be quite impossible to implement when not careful. Again, the guitar riffs, vocal quality and beats never seem to disappoint in this song.

Finally, the track that stands out is ‘Weekend,’ it has a great medley of powerfully structured chords and vocals which demand that you get in the pit of head bangers and lose yourself. This track dominates most of the album and I can see why, just by its pure rebellious attitude and distinctive sludge melodies.

“Redwin” has provided quite a lot of action and shows a lot of what Gurt have achieved within the 2 years, which should be a great start and an opportunity for the band to progress even further. Overall a great album to review and I’m looking forward to any more material that they produce.

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