Grifter - Grifter More young men wishing they were born in Arizona rather than Halifax. UK-based Grifter want you to picture them rolling on their Harley’s heading towards their next bar fight, guitars strapped to their denim-clad backs. Well, rockers have been appropriating the sounds of the blues for even longer than Keef‘s been clutching a guitar so you can hardly get too upset about that.

Still, if you’re gonna ask the listener to suspend their disbelief you’re going to have to be pretty engaging and convincing. Well, Grifter sound suitably greasy and ornery to have just stumbled out of a border town bar but that doesn’t mean you want to spend time in their company.

Opener, “Good Day For Bad News” sets the template of grind out a riff/get to the chorus quick/blues breakdown and solo/chorus again etc. It’s actually an okay song but all that follow are steadily less interesting. “Alabama Hotpocket” follows, and I’m afraid it jumps the shark in terms of what you’re prepared to believe from Grifter. It just sounds a bit forced in it’s southern rock sound.

Best of the rest is “Asshole Parade” which has a certain appeal through it’s nagging melody and the fact that swearing is always big and clever in rock songs. A lot of the other tunes just pass you by though in a murk of alcohol fumes and testosterone.

Now, I will happily listen to ZZ Top, Clutch and Kyuss all day, so don’t think I don’t appreciate this type of music, but there’s nothing here to enter that great cannon of boogie wonderland.

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