Horn of the Rhino - GrengusHorn of the Rhino are a Spanish band that recently released their album “Grengus” on Doomentia records. You would think that since the band is on a label called “Doomentia” that their album would be doom and in a way it is. But, labeling the band as simply a doom band is selling them short as they are far more than that.

The best way to describe the band would be as a musical hodgepodge of sorts. One second they’re playing thrash, the next they’re playing heavy metal, the next they’re playing grunge and then back into doom again. It’s an interesting mix that works most of the time.

Vocalist Javier Galvez is an extremely talented vocalist and varies his style quite a bit. His overall style is similar to Lemmy of Motorhead but at times (Like in the song “Brought Back”) he sounds a bit like Wino of The Obsessed and St. Vitus. In addition to Motorhead and the Obsessed, I hear a lot of Mastodon and Soundgarden in these songs as well.

The overall sound of the band is doom but there is so much going on here music-wise that it’s really hard to say what genre these guys fit into. For example opening song Under the Hoof opens with a thundering thrash sound before seguing into a mid-paced almost doomy like chug. The rest of the songs follow a similar pattern with songs changing gears quite often.

While I wouldn’t say that this is a great album, it is however a good album with a lot of headbangable riffs to it. Standout tracks are ‘Brought Back’, ‘Pile of Severed Heads’, and ‘To Ride the Leviathen’ I look forward to hearing more from these guys in the future.

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